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Professor Norbert P. Haas :Sophisticated diagnoses and innovative treatments

The Charité University Medical Centre in Berlin, with its long-established tradition, has experience in diagnostics and therapy built up over a great many years. In the medical fields of trauma surgery and orthopaedics, many hospitals in Germany offer highly specialised treatment methods at a leading international level. The aim is to offer top-flight medical care in tandem with high-quality service for patients of all ages, regardless of their cultural background and whether they come from Germany or abroad.

The Charité Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery (CMSC)

Professor Norbert P. Haas is at the helm of the CMSC at the Charité University Medical Centre in Berlin. The Centre’s highly skilled team of medical experts offer a comprehensive range of trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery and orthopaedic care.

This wide spectrum of treatment methods is provided by the first-class Trauma Centre, the Centre for Endoprosthetic Surgery, the Centre for Spinal Diseases and Spinal Injuries, the Musculoskeletal Tumour Centre and the International Shoulder Centre.

Surgeons at the CMSC use state-of-the-art surgical methods, such as keyhole surgery and other arthroscopic, minimally invasive procedures to restore joint function. These are then further developed by specialist teams within the Centreʼs research division. The Centre has specialists in shoulder, arm, hand, hip, knee and foot surgery, who are all experts in the full range of arthroscopic operations for bone, cartilage, ligament and joint capsule injuries. They are also highly proficient at correcting misaligned joints and carrying out artificial joint insertion and replacement surgery.

Each operation makes use of the latest surgical instruments, implants and special prostheses, including individually tailored tumour prostheses where required.

The highest standards of immediate and follow-up care, from the simplest accidents right up to multiple traumas, are practised day and night so as to avoid severe complications and make a return to normal life possible.

Close, cross-departmental collaboration with specialists from other disciplines, such as rheumatology, is of the highest quality both for the care of accident victims and for patients with multiple arthroses, or those suffering from tumours or rheumatoid arthritis.

In trauma surgery and paediatric orthopaedics, great value is placed on interdisciplinarity, i.e. the cooperation between paediatric orthopaedic surgeons and technicians, paediatricians and paediatric neurologists. Joint consultations with the full cross-range of paediatric specialists are commonplace, so that an individual treatment plan, integrating the entire spectrum of corrective surgeries to the growing skeleton, can be devised.

Whilst the patient is still in hospital, specialists offer a programme of non-operative therapy in parallel to the treatment for all orthopaedic-traumatological forms of disease. Physiotherapy sessions and professional treatments using the latest therapeutic aids such as splints, bandages, shoe inserts or prostheses complement the Centreʼs surgical procedures or may be offered as an alternative to surgery. Acute care is followed up with physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy, either on an outpatient basis (in close consultation with the rehabilitation centre in Virchow) or by admittance to the Humboldtmühle Medical Park.

In June 2012 Germanyʼs leading news magazine Fokus ranked the Charité as the no. 1 hospital in Germany and the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery as Germanyʼs best orthopaedic hospital. The team of highly specialised doctors and nurses at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery treat patients from Berlin, from all over Germany and from other countries in western Europe as well as from the former Soviet Union, the Arab world and even further afield, where patients search specifically for proven specialists for their condition, whom they then find online and/or by word of mouth. You can expect only the best quality medical care and patient services at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery at Berlinʼs Charité Hospital.

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