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Especially in childhood, strabismus, known in technical terms as strabismus, can significantly influence brain maturation and thus severely limit the ability to see for life. Strabismus is when both visual axes diverge when a particular object is focused. Strabismus can have different causes and therefore often requires an individually selected therapy.

Strabismus can be innate, but also caused by a brain injury or a tumor. Furthermore, nerve damage can be the cause of strabismus. In adults, strokes or multiple sclerosis are often the cause of strabismus. Especially in families where one or more persons already have strabismus, children from the age of one should be examined for this disease. Childish strabismus can also be caused by risk factors during pregnancy or, if the child does not wear necessary glasses. Even organically induced changes in the eyes, such as lens opacities, can lead to strabismus.

Strabismus can, as already mentioned, lead to mental stress in those affected. It is often recommended for such patients to have a squint of the eye muscles. It also comes into consideration when the squint angle is so large that a symptom-free binocular vision is not possible, or if the prescription and occlusion treatments are not sufficient.

Latent strabismus, which is usually associated with minor misalignment of the eyes, can balance the brain. In many children, however, a squint operation on the eye is necessary. However, one waits until the child carries the glasses reliably and looks equally good with both eyes. However, when children start late with strabismus, a squint operation is usually initiated very quickly. For if Strabismus, which has existed since childhood, is discovered only in adulthood, the visual weakness of Strabismus's eye can generally hardly be changed.

The squint on the eye then only fulfills cosmetic purposes. Rarely does paralysis occur during childhood. Again, after determining the causes, a squint operation on the eye is often advised.

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During strabismus surgery, one or more of the eye muscles are strengthened, weakened or moved to a different position to improve alignment. 2019-10-22 Strabismus Surgery
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