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Lens implantation refers to the insertion of artificial lenses to alleviate visual acuity or eye disease. Corresponding lens implants are used, for example, when the refractive error of a patient is very high or when different vision defects such as myopia and presbyopia should be corrected at the same time. The use of lens implants makes it possible to dispense with visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses and thus represents a low-risk alternative to the lasering of the eye lenses.

Depending on visual defects, eye disease and age of a patient, different methods of lens implantation and corresponding lens implants come into question. These offer, among other things, patients with very thin corneas an efficient alternative to modern eye laser procedures. Basically, lens surgery distinguishes between the following two methods:

  • The artificial lens is implanted (phak) in addition to your own eye lens.
  • The artificial lens is used instead of the own eye lens (aphak).

Irrespective of the method, lens implantation is an outpatient procedure performed within a few minutes per eye under local anesthesia. Patients can go home immediately after the operation, but should re-enter the eye center for follow-up. In order to prevent patients accidentally touching the treated eye after surgery, surgeons connect it directly afterwards. Lens implantations of both eyes are usually performed on different days - usually 48 hours between lens operations.

Basically, a lens implantation is a routine intervention - as early as 1949, the first artificial lens was used successfully. Approximately 800,000 lens surgeries are performed each year - the most common cause is clouding of the lens due to cataracts.

Over 99 percent of all treatments run smoothly and lead to flawless results. Nevertheless, should problems arise, lasting damage can be prevented by fast action of the specialists.

On this page, you can see the best doctors for lens replacement. International patients pick these specialists for lens replacement due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative treatment methods
  • Minimally invasive surgeries
  • International accreditation. The lens replacement facilities have international healthcare accreditations and certificates. It means that they provide the lens replacement in accordance with the strict world treatment protocols.
The lens replacement is already possible at a price from €2,300. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

German Medical Group is a medical platform that does not represent interests of specific hospitals or doctors.

Our services do not affect the price for lens replacement procedures, you pay the bill right in the chosen clinic.

Submit a request on German Medical Group website - our manager will give you all the info regarding a particular doctor for lens replacement or hospital. This consultation is FREE. Together we choose the best specialist for lens replacement for your case. With German Medical Group you avoid waiting lists, get 24/7 support until your coming back home. Learn more about us here.

Follow these steps to choose the best doctor for lens replacement:

  1. Learn the info about doctors for lens replacement listed below. It represents top specialists in Europe.
  2. Submit a request on German Medical Group specifying the purpose of the treatment.
  3. Our manager will call you back to book the chosen specialist for lens replacement or offer another one according to the diagnosis, health condition, and financial ability.
  4. If you approve the chosen doctor for lens replacement, our manager schedules the date of your arrival.

Estimate Lens Replacement Costs
Extracapsular Extraction of the Lensfrom €2,300
Replacing the lensfrom €3,500
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