MD M. Warscher
Frankfurt Hoechst Hospital

MD M. Warscher

Main Focus

    • Ophthalmological Treatment
    • Cataract surgery
    • Treatment of glaucoma
    • Treatment of nasolacrimal (tear) duct diseases
    • Anterior eye segment surgery
    • Posterior eye segment surgery
    • Refractive surgery (Visian ICL)
    • Treatment of tumours


Gotenstrasse 6-8
65929 Frankfurt
Nearest airport: Frankfurt am Main

About MD M. Warscher

Medical Expertise, individual care and support of the highest quality. Patients are in the right hands at Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst. The Clinic is sponsored by the Frankfurt am Main municipality and provides the highest level of medical and nursing care (maximum care standard).

20 specialised departments with approximately 1,000 beds, including the interdisciplinary intensive therapy ward as well as the intensive care ward for neonatology, are available to provide optimum medical care. Approximately 36,000 in-patients and 80,000 out-patients from a large catchment area are treated here annually.

Clinic for Ophthalmology

In order to care of our patients we have four operating rooms, 35 beds and a day clinic for outpatient surgery as well as a large outpatient department with several specialised departments in the Clinic for Ophthalmology.

Therefore the Clinic for Ophthalmology is one of the major non-university ophthalmological departments in Germany. Patients are referred to us by their ophthalmologists for surgery or further diagnostic tests, or turn to us in emergencies.

The Clinic for Ophthalmology provides the full range of modern ophthalmological treatments. The main focus of the clinic is on surgery performed on the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, refractive surgery (Visian ICL), treatment of age-related macular degeneration as well as the treatment of tumours and eyelid surgery.

Ophthalmological Treatment

Anterior eye segment surgery

Cataract surgery

The clouding of the lens in the eye is referred to as a cataract. In most cases, surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis. Both non-foldable and foldable plastic lenses are implanted. In addition to standard lenses, toric, aspherical, yellow filter or multifocal intraocular lenses (IOL) can also be implanted.

Treatment of glaucoma

Acute glaucoma causes severe pain and drastically reduced sharpness of vision. It is considered an emergency. Chronic glaucoma, if left untreated, will gradually lead to an initially unnoticed visual field defect due to excessive pressure in the eye. Allergic reactions to eye drops or lowering of pressure through conservative treatments may make it necessary to carry out supplementary laser or surgical procedures. We perform the following laser surgery: laser trabeculoplasty, cyclophotocoagulation and Nd-YAG laser iridotomy. The following surgical procedures are applied: trabeculotomy using trabectome, goniotrepanation or drainage implants.

Treatment of corneal diseases

Here we perform various procedures, including corneal transplantation (keratoplasty), lamellar keratoplasty and combined corneal and retinal surgery with the use of a temporary keratoprosthesis.

Treatment of nasolacrimal (tear) duct diseases

Some of our treatments are nasolacrimal duct closures in small children and surgery on nasolacrimal duct abscesses and closures.

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