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The term "smile" means advertised "Small Incision Lenticule Extraction". The name should above all describe the tiny cut, which is only necessary with this treatment. The ReLEx smile procedure is considered to be very gentle and yet painless and is best known for its lack of flap. Even complicated sight defects can be treated with this eye laser method, among others

  • Myopia up to -10 dioptres
  • Corneal curvatures up to 5 dioptres

The fact that only a 2-3 millimeter long cut is made in the upper corneal layer in this procedure, it comes to fewer side effects and risks.

Anyone who wants to have their eyes lasered and relies on the ReLEx smile method therefore benefits from a number of advantages that speak in favor of many other areas (for example, the perception of pain) and the ReLEx smile procedure.

However, since this method of treatment does not require a flap, the greatest risk of other methods can already be ruled out. Also, there is no need for a microkeratome, which also minimizes the risks.

If you compare the ReLEx smile procedure with the popular LASIK method, ReLEx smile performs much better with regard to possible risks.

Since no flap and blade cuts are needed, the flap risk is not given. The smaller step also has a positive effect on supposedly dry eyes and in the case of the cornea there is no weakening due to a more stable eye surface.

Also not at risk are epithelial adhesions and epithelial injuries, as well as inflammation called lamellar keratitis, which feel like grains of sand but only occur under flaps.

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