Prof. MD F. Koch
Frankfurt University Hospital

Prof. MD F. Koch

Main Focus

    • Eye retina surgery
    • Surgery of vitreous body


Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt
Nearest airport: Frankfurt am Main

Traditions of the clinic

In 1914, the municipal ophthalmology clinic has become Frankfurt university clinic. It’s located in the building of Rothschild´schen Stiftung (Carolinum). Curt Cüppers, Wolfgang Leydhecker and Fritz Hollwich who later became heads of Giessen, Wurzburg, and Munster ophthalmology clinics, used to work in our clinic.


In 1973, a lot of departments were formed in the ophthalmology clinic, one of which was the first pediatric ophthalmology department in Germany. Today, ophthalmology clinics started performing the most complicated operations on eye retina and the vitreous body, refraction replacement of eye lens, eye surgery in children, surgical correction of glaucoma and squinting.

High life quality thanks to innovations

Every year, about 30.000 patients get outpatient and indoor treatment in the clinic. A wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic measures is performed for the diseases of the front and end eye, visual nerves, eyelids, channels for secretion of tears, eye-pits, and squinting. Numerous research works have allowed us to leverage innovative methods for treatment. There are a lot of offers for doctors to improve their skills, which helps them to develop and learn new therapeutic methods. Our goal is to save or restore patient’s ability to see so that they could stay active in professional and private life despite their age. Good vision means good life quality!

Range of services

The ophthalmology clinic of Goethe University in Frankfurt offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the sphere of modern ophthalmology. Our basic directions are: cataract surgery, refraction surgery (aimed to eliminate the necessity to wear glasses), surgical treatment of disease of eye retina, the vitreous body, and cornea, squinting, eyelid diseases and functional disruptions of tear ducts, as well as glaucoma therapy). All these procedures are performed by experienced specialists of our clinic only after preliminary coordination on a consultation.


Our ophthalmology clinic works with other departments of the university clinic, as well as private ophthalmology centers that comprise the list of RheinMain clinics. The personnel does its best to make your stay in our clinic pleasant and useful, and keeps supporting you throughout the entire rehabilitation period.

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