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A retinal arterial occlusion (Eye stroke) usually leads to irreversible visual impairments due to the inadequate supply of oxygen to the affected part of the retina. If the retinal central artery is affected, the eye becomes blind in a short time because the optic nerve at its exit from the eye (blind spot) perishes and the photoreceptors in the retina are extremely sensitive to hypoxia.

A retinal artery occlusion (Eye stroke) is defined by partial or total obstruction of the retinal central artery (retinal artery) or one of its branches. Restriction or total blockage of the arterial blood supply in the retina directly affects the oxygenation of the retina and its sensitive photoreceptors (cones and rods).

Retinal arterial occlusion (Eye stroke) may be caused by a disease of the retinal arteries themselves or by engorged thrombi formed, for example, in either of the cervical arteries or in the heart.

Symptoms of a retinal arterial occlusion(Eye stroke) are sudden and completely painless visual field defects or total blindness. In some cases, the scotoma or complete blindness returns "by itself" within a few minutes.

The retinal arterial occlusion (Eye stroke) usually has a very poor prognosis. Almost always it comes to blindness. This happens very fast within 30 seconds after the event. However, if the treatment is immediate, there is a rare chance of the eyesight remaining intact. However, if no treatment is used within one hour, the closure will always lead to irreversible blindness.

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