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Although laser eye surgery is already one of the most popular treatment options, femto-LASIK is a further development of this popular method. For the first time it is possible to laser the eyes without mechanical aids. In this way, stronger myopia can be treated and the risk and benefits outweigh this eye laser method.

Who has the choice between the classic LASIK and the newer Femto-LASIK may wonder why the newer method should be better.

The answer is simple: eye lasers using LASIK use a mechanical microkeratome, whereas femto-LASIK uses a fine laser.

In LASIK, a corneal incision is made to create the flap, a lamella. Subsequently, the flap is unfolded and the correction of defective vision is carried out by means of eye laser. Once the treatment is finished, the flap is closed and the healing process begins. The disadvantage of the LASIK method, however, is the fact that the flap is cut by a mechanical tool.

In the femto-LASIK, however, this flap is produced with a very fine laser. This is advantageous because the upper layers of the cornea do not need to be touched with this method, because the cut is set directly lower.

Those who opt for the femto-LASIK procedure to have their eyes lasered will benefit from greater options for correcting ametropia. If you

  • A very strong myopia
  • A very small corneal thickness

Nevertheless, it is still possible to treat this defective vision by means of femto-LASIK. In a mechanical cutting technique, the flap is not produced so precisely and the cornea is also at least slightly injured. In Femto-LASIK things look different, because the cut can be done much more precisely and thus with less risk.

The fact that the incision is made differently in the femto-LASIK than in the LASIK procedure, the risk is lower in this method than other methods. There are many advantages to this method compared to other methods.

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Femto-Lasik or Z-Lasik is the most efficient technology currently available within the field of laser eye surgery. Today, the Femto-LASIK is the most sophisticated method, also called “bladeless LASIK”. 2020-03-10 Femto-LASIK
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