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Femto-Lasik or Z-Lasik is the most efficient technology currently available within the field of laser eye surgery. Today, the Femto-LASIK is the most sophisticated method, also called “bladeless LASIK”. 2020-03-10 Femto-LASIK
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Patient Comments

Susan Keil
3 months ago I had the Lasik surgery performed personally by Dr. Maus at the Sehkraft Center. Since that day my life has changed completely. I have suffered from my extreme short-sightedness (-7.0) for 30 years and am now a normal-sighted person. I don't need glasses or contact lenses. My night vision is perfect. A big compliment to Dr. Maus and his competent team.
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Veronica R.
After many years of thinking about having my eyes lasered, but always having my doubts, I finally dared in January and was rewarded. The technology in the Sehkraft practice is at the highest level, all employees appear competent and everything appears clean and hygienic. Dr. Maus is calm himself, you can tell the experience and routine. I am now more than satisfied with the result, shortly after the Lasik! I see better than before with corrective lenses.
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Jamie A.
That's the only way I can sum it up: The feeling of "seeing" for the first time after LASIK is indescribable. I was very short-sighted and after just one day I can see wonderfully and perceive the world differently. In practice, I felt very comfortable. All of Prof Maus's employees are extremely friendly and give you the "all-round feeling of well-being". Not for a single moment did I doubt the competence of the team, which is why I was able to undergo LASIK without any fear. By the way, that's really not bad - the after-effects were comparable to the preparation of onion soup for me ;) So that shouldn't be a reason not to have LASIK done. Of course, this is a huge expense. But I was also very happy to accept that, knowing that it might be "cheaper". Every cent was worth it.
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Denise Remco
At the age of 40, I finally took the step and sought advice on a LASIK operation at the nordBLICK clinic. Thanks to the calm and professional explanation from the LASIK manager without any time pressure, I then decided to have the operation. My nervousness shortly before the operation was taken care of by the friendly team and the LASIK was carried out successfully. I am very happy to have dared this step! The nordBLICK klinik was the best choice for me. I see much more relaxed and also better without glasses. I would like to thank the whole team, who do their job with heart, mind and professionalism.
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Livina Udeny
In June 2020, I had a laser treatment with Dr. Maus using SBK-Lasik. My initial situation was not exactly easy with more than -10 diopters (-10.5/-11 Dpt) and therefore in the eyes of some other doctors borderline or not possible to laser. Nevertheless, I put myself in the hands of Dr. Maus with confidence, because I had heard a lot of positive things about him and he has decades of experience with laser surgeries. I was not disappointed: I no longer need glasses!
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