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Which patients are eligible for laser treatment depends on different factors and can vary slightly between different eye clinics. The maximum number of diopters up to which an OP can be performed is not uniformly defined. In addition to the diopters also plays a role, how long the refractive error is already stable. Here is that the eyesight should not have changed within the last 2 years. In addition, the patient must be of age on the day of the procedure. With regard to age, however, it is recommended to wait until the eye is finished growing, which may be the case up to the age of 25.

Anyone who is short or long sighted or has astigmatism is plagued with a worse or "blurred" view. These types of ametropia can be compensated with glasses or contact lenses as far as possible. But caused by the glasses or contact lens further aberrations. These are deviations from the ideal optical image within the eye. With each additional lens attached in an optical system, such aberrations are produced. However, these mistakes are known to very few patients. However, glasses or contact lenses can not correct these errors because they can only be achieved with multi-lens optics. This is not possible with glasses or contact lenses. Optics with multiple lenses we find only in photo lenses or the like. When eye laser, the cornea of ​​the eye is processed. In this way, the visual and imaging errors are corrected. So here are no additional lenses as glasses or contact lenses necessary. Using the laser, the ophthalmologist is thus able to give the eye a visual quality that would not be possible with other vision aids. Thus, not only is blur-induced visual impairment remedied by eye-laser, it also improves aspects involving color vision and contrast perception.

The terms eye lasers and LASIK are often used as syndromes. In fact, LASIK is only one of three generations in the development of laser vision. Each innovation was about reducing the risks and side effects of an eye-laser method. Due to the higher safety and freedom from pain, we recommend our patients to have their eyes lasered with the latest ReLEx SMILE procedure wherever possible. Only if this is not possible, would other laser methods in the shortlist.

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Eyes laser in Frankfurt: These are the top 10 clinics in the Main metropolis


Frankfurt has a large number of eye clinics that offer eye lasers. We have an overview of German and local suppliers based in Frankfurt. Costs, experience and opening times at a glance.

Frankfurt am Main is known as the banking metropolis of Germany. The economy in the city is booming. Since it is obvious that many doctors settle in the city. Regional and national clinics as well as centers for ophthalmic surgery have branches in the fifth largest city in Germany. Patients with ametropia expect a wide range of clinics specializing in laser treatment.

But which eye clinic in Frankfurt is right for you? Which treatment method is suitable for your low vision? And what are the costs that they have to expect in a laser surgery (OP)? We will answer all these questions in this post.

We recommend follow centers:

  • Eye lasercenters in Frankfurt
  • Euro Eyes
  • Lasik Germany Frankfurt
  • Care Vision
  • Optical Express
  • Worldeye
  • ARTEMIS Eye Clinic
  • University Hospital Frankfurt
  • Eye laser centers in Frankfurt

Before you decide to perform a laser treatment, you should consult an ophthalmologist and clarify some initial questions in a consultation. Are your eyes suitable for laser treatment? Which method is suitable for you? Are there special risks that should be considered? After discussing with your doctor and recommending a treatment method, it is time to find the right clinic for the laser surgery.

There are many eye clinics and centers in Frankfurt am Main. But beware, choosing the right clinic is not always easy. Because not every clinic delivers what it promises. And not every clinic with its treatment methods is suitable for every patient need. However, a detailed preparation and discussion with the hospitals in question can make your choice much easier.

So that you can get a better overview of the facilities in Frankfurt am Main, we have researched the top clinics for you and present them briefly. For detailed questions, it is best to contact the clinic directly. You can usually do this online or over the phone. You can also take advantage of the offers of some clinics and visit a free information evening. At some clinics it is also possible to make an appointment for a free consultation and a fitness check.

What are the advantages of laser eye treatment?


The treatment with the eye laser Frankfurt heals some cases of myopia, farsightedness and ametropia, of which sufferers would otherwise have to wear either contact lenses or glasses. If the eye lasers can be performed in the present low vision and the health of the patient, the patient needs afterwards neither glasses nor contact lenses.

In order to change the refractive power of the eye and thus to heal an optically refractive error, there are several possible operations that can be performed at eye lasers Frankfurt. In a pre-examination, the doctor must discuss individually with the patient which treatment is most appropriate.

The photorefractive keratectomy, short PRK, is a method offered by eye lasers Frankfurt, which has been used since 1987 and is always refined. The name of the treatment method is made up of the words photo = greek, light or light, refractive = lat., Break down and kerato = greek, concerning the cornea.

It is a very short procedure and in itself painless, but after the eye lasers have stopped, it can cause discomfort such as sensitivity to the senses and the feeling of having a foreign object in the eye. This can last a few days. For four days after treatment, the patient must wear a bandage contact lens for protection. In addition, full vision only sets in after a longer period of time.

Above all, the benefits of PRK are that eye lasers can be performed on people who, for health reasons, such as lack of corneal thickness, can not use other treatments.

The LASEK eye lasers work in a similar way, but with fewer discomfort after the operation, but also have the disadvantage that usually take a few weeks to restore complete vision.

A gentler procedure is the LASIK, in which the corneal layer is not worn away, but only folded up and folded down again after lasering.

Augenlasern Frankfurt works with a special method, the so-called Femto-Lasik. This method uses state-of-the-art equipment to minimize the risk of infection. While in the conventional Lasik method part of the cornea is mechanically separated as a so-called flap by a microkeratome, this is done by the Femto-Lasik laser. This makes Femto-Lasik safest of all the treatments listed here.

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