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Most people will never need shoulder surgery, but in many cases surgery can help minimize or eliminate shoulder pain when other treatments fail.

In both partial and total shoulder replacement, damaged bone surfaces and cartilage are removed and replaced with artificial surfaces (implants).

If only the humeral (ball-headed) side of your shoulder joint is severely damaged, your doctor will choose a procedure that will maintain the healthy side of your shoulder. This is called partial or partial shoulder replacement. In a partial shoulder replacement, only the morbidly altered area of ​​the joint is corrected. The healthy side is not treated.

Successful partial shoulder replacement can help eliminate pain while improving your natural anatomy. As a result, the more complex total shoulder replacement can be delayed and sometimes prevented. A total shoulder replacement will replace both parts of your shoulder.

In total shoulder replacement, the arthritic damaged parts of the joint are removed and replaced with artificial metal elements and a highly durable plastic. We call these artificial elements "implants". These implants are shaped so that your shoulder joint can move almost as it did when it was still intact.

If your rotator cuff is so damaged that it can no longer support conventional shoulder replacement, your doctor may consider using an Inverse Shoulder Prosthesis.

Just like a regular shoulder replacement, the worn parts of your shoulder are replaced with metal and plastic elements.

The difference with inverted shoulder replacement is that the part of the arm bone and scapula that make up the joint is reversed, that is, the ball is attached to your shoulder blade and the socket to your humerus. This allows your deltoid muscle to compensate for your damaged rotator cuff and give your shoulder joint more stability, strength and range of motion.

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