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Wilhelmstr. 134
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Nearest airport: Stuttgart (35 km)

OCC Tübingen orthopedic clinic is well known in Germany. The clinic provides a complete range of services starting from conservative medical treatment till modern orthopedic surgery.

Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment in OOC Tübingen includes the following conventional methods for those who have weak and moderate pain in joints:

  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy
  • Laser treatment

Medication prescribed by specialists of the clinic is aimed to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. Each drug is selected individually, taking into account preliminary diagnostics and general state of patient’s health.

Physiotherapy methods in OCC Tübingen are various, including magnetic waves, ultrasound, high or low temperature, and electrophoresis. Physiotherapy helps to start up metabolism in affected joints, improve blood circulation, reduce pain but it is rarely appointed as the sole method of treatment, normally, combined with medication.

Laser treatment uses for degenerative joint disease; it helps to self-regeneration of damaged tissues.

There are also some additional kinds of supporting therapy as mineral water bathing, mud treatments, and seaweed wraps in OCC Tübingen.

Progressive methods of orthopedics

Arthroscopy is one of the progressive modern methods widely known starting from 70-80-ies of the last century. Arthroscopy is a minimal invasive method performed by using an arthroscop and manipulators. Equipment places to a body of patient trough small cuts, which allow having minimal tissue damage. It is possible to see all the actions of a surgeon on monitor. Rehabilitation after arthroscopy lasts about 3-5 weeks.

Arthroplasty is a partial replacement of a joint with implant, saving one or even both of articular surfaces. After arthoplasty the joint can move independently even it was preceded with a severe injury. Arthoroplasty is a minimal invasive surgical treatment ; the advantages of artroplasty over the classical surgery operations are small blood lose, less pain, and short recovery period after treatment. After arthroscopy patients received rehabilitation therapy as medications and physiotherapy to help joint to recover.

Endoprosthesis surgery is a complete replacement of a joint with an implant having a shape identical to the natural joint. After a joint replacement patient is able to walk, run, swim without pain even despite of the past traumas, degenerative disorders, vascular necrosis. The materials of prosthesis are vary as titanium, nickel, and molybdenum but all the implants used in OCC Tübingen are biocompatible. Patients with allergy to metal have ceramic or polyethylene implants installed. Thanks to the modern technologies, every implant is created individually for each patient.

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