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About MD M. Granrath

Orthopaedics Clinic of Dr. Granrath is specialized medical institution based in Düsseldorf, Germany which offers a full range of services in field of orthopaedics and arthroscopy. The main goal of the experts of the clinic is giving comprehensive service for musculoskeletal system on individual base preserving natural abilities of joint as much as possible.

Know-how of the Clinic is molecular orthopaedics which is biological method of regeneration of cartilage and bone tissues. Dr. Granrath started researches on the matter as far as in early 90-s of 20th century in his thesis, and many of those ideas were the theories only with no connection to the practice. Now the dream came true. In laboratories of the clinic biotechnologically produced analogous proteins and autologous conditioned serum from patients’ own blood are used to activate regeneration processes and to suppress inflammations in joint. As result, your joint is able to self-restore. Is it dream or not?

Dr. Granrath is well-known expert in arthroscopic knee and shoulder reconstructive surgery aiming. In his restorations he actively uses cartilage transplantation and performs masterly work on injured or diseased joints. Even when doing joint replacement with artificial transplant he chooses minimally invasive technique which reduces body damage and other negative methods of conventional surgery.

There are other orthopaedics specialists and all of them have the same philosophy helping people cope with musculoskeletal diseases and return to active life as short as possible. Though we often prefer sparing methods, in some cases open surgery can be recommended. We can perform a wide range of operations both on inpatient and outpatient base.

The main specializations of the Center are joint arthroscopy of hip, knee, foot, shoulder and hand reconstructive surgery; cartilage transplantation; spine surgery; interverberal disks reconstruction and prosthesis; neurosurgery focused on spinal column problems and headaches; pain therapy; sport traumas; acupuncture and chiropractic.

We use the newest technologies of diagnostics and treatment. We have our own Radiology Center, where we carry out innovative radiology examination which differs from MRT and gives possibility of targeted diagnostics with high preciseness. Interventional radiology is used for interverberal disks treatment and CT-guided injections. Conventional MRT and CT Scan are also possible.

Sport orthopaedics is important part of our activity. Specialists of the Clinic of Dr. Granrath have many years of experience in sport injuries, and many athletes use their services for complete restoration. There are no hopeless situations and our doctors always encourage any effort of the patient and give different solutions, e.g. manual therapy and acupuncture. We also have the preventing programs helping to avoid injuries based on analysis of static state of the spine.

Whatever orthopaedics problem you have you will find an answer in the Clinic of Dr. Granrath. You are welcomed to ask us on your treatment and we know what is proper for you.

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