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About MD R. Haunhorst

Medical Center Düren is a surgical clinic working in many fields of surgery starting from classic general surgery to endoprosthesis and vascular surgery. Among the others numerous invasive treatments, there are several areas of surgery in Medical Center Düren deserving to be noted separately.

Limb and Joint Surgery

Dysfunction of limbs and joins is a most painful problem which cause to patients severe pain and even could head to complete disability to move. While sometimes it is enough to have non-invasive methods, there are also some cases when surgery is the only possibility to restore normal ability. Specialists of the Medical Center help their patients in many difficult cases as below

Surgery of foot

There are some specific disorders relative to foot that also could be treated by means non-invasive methods but often surgery is required.

Heel spurs. Normally, conservative methods as injections, X-rays treatment and shock wave therapy are recommended. When conservative methods are not helpful, surgical treatment is suggested.

Thumb osteoarthritis with its limited ability to move. In this case, cheilectomy and resection are recommended.

Valgus deformity. Sometimes conservative methods are helpful; otherwise, surgery is recommended.

Hammer toes. Mostly, surgical treatment is required.

Claw toes. Surgery normally is used if other methods do not work.

There are also such kind of problems as pinched nerve, tendon inflammation, ingrown toenails that normally require surgeon intervention.

Joints Surgery

In first turn, joint surgery in the Medical Center Düren focuses on supporting of joint function. There number of surgical treatments supporting and restoring of natural abilities of joint:

  • Arthroscopy: The purpose of arthroscopy is a partial or complete replacement of the joint cartilage using natural or artificial bone material deputy
  • Cartilage cells transplantation
  • Arthrodesis
  • Osteotomy
  • Synovectomy

But sometimes it is not possible to keep natural abilities of joints. In this case, joint replacement is suggested. Here you find some of the most common replacements operation:

  • Arthroplasty: minimal invasive partial or complete replacement of a joint with an implant
  • Endoprosthesis: complete replacement of a joint with an artificial implant made of metal and porcelain

There are also some specific problems with hands that require surgery but it is difficult to name everything. So if you doubt what kind of treatment is better for you and need some advise, please contact the center and its specialist give you detailed information on your personal case.

Vascular Surgery

Varicose veins disease is growing younger in recent years. There is increasing number of patients with that diagnosis. In early stage non-surgical treatment could be helpful but in many cases vascular surgery is a best solution. The Department of Vascular Surgery of the Medical Center Düren has all the facility to treat with that kind of issues professionally.

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