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Early hair loss in men is often characterized by a receding hairline and thinning at the front and around the temples. 2020-03-09 Hair Transplant at the Temples
All you need to now about Hair Transplant at the Temples

High temples are caused by increased hair loss on the sides of the head. A hairstyle with long hair hides the receding hairline, but a gust of wind or unskillful attempt to fix the hair reveals hidden problem areas. Bald spots affect the appearance and psychological state of a person. Modern technology of hair transplantation solves the problem of the high temples in one session.

You easily can combine your holiday in Germany or Austria with hair restoration in one of the leading hair transplantclinics.

Why hair transplantation in Germany?

European trichology centers are notable fortheir technical advances and experience gained from many years in hair transplantation. Modern clinics in Germany and Austria can boast of:

Hair transplant clinics in Germany are oriented to meet patients from all over the world. At all clinics presented on the GMG website, staff can speak English. Patients and their convenience are the main focus of the medical personnel, and, of course, it is impossible without understanding. At the initial consultation, a doctor discusseswith a patient the following:


Who can have hair transplant at the temples?

Hair transplantation at the temple is possible in the most cases, if there are no serious contraindications caused by general health condition.

Will the result of hair transplant to the temple areas look natural?

Transplantation of hair follicles at the temples has its specific features, both in men and women. In men, the anterior hairlinesignificantly changes with age. It is different in size and shape in 20s, 30sand 40s. So, if after surgery, a 40-year-old patient hasthe hairline as in his 20s, it will looka bit abnormal. Experts working at German hair transplant clinics have decades of experience and aesthetic sense, whichguarantees a natural effect of hair transplant at the temples. Hair transplantation is always designed with consideration a long-term perspective, and after ten years itwill look not less natural.

What is the difference between FUT and FUE?

Briefly, the proper method of transplantation is considered individually. Hair transplant at the temple with FUT method involves excision a thin strip of skin with follicular units from the lower part of the occipital region. The strip is, then, cut under high-precision microscopes. The surgery takes a little time. Hair transplant at the temples with FUE technology takes long, but the method is applicable even when dealing with complex cases.

Is hair transplant at the templespossible in women?

Not only men can have high temples. In women, high temples are often associated with congenital specific of hair growth. And, answering the question: transplant is possible! Women have betterdonor sources at the back of the head, so hair transplantation to the temples is technically simpler than that of men. Transplantation in women includes designing of the anterior hairline. In ladies, it has a rounded shape, which gives a feminine appearance. First of all, the frontalhairline is shaped with randomly arranged, thin hairs that, then, become thicker toward the back part of the head.

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