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With new hairline trend becoming bigger, we're looking to see if a hair transplant can actually make your forehead appear smaller. 2020-03-09 Forehead Hair Transplant
All you need to now about Forehead Hair Transplant

If the frontal hairline moves back, this condition, most likely, can be recognized as frontal alopecia. Some people, trying to hide this aesthetic flaw, wear a hat, pulling itlow over the forehead. However, such a headgear is not always appropriate; in some situations wearing a hat can cause disapproving looks or even comments. In case of balding forehead, hair transplantation helpsrestore the natural frontal hairline and gives you a chance to regainyour self-confidence.

If hair transplant is performed in the frontal area, the important point is the correct modeling of the anterior hairline. With age, the frontal hairlineof themost of people, both men and women, changes its shape. To achieve the optimal aesthetic effect, it is very important to graft hair follicles correctly. This is especially crucial if hair transplant is done for forehead reduction.

Choosing a method of hair transplantation

Forehead hair transplantationhas specific differences for women and men. So, if hair transplant for forehead reduction is performed in women, a more rounded and feminine anterior hairline is shaped. Especially often women with a high forehead need hair transplantation that allows balancing the proportions of the faceoptimally.

In German clinics, when performing forehead hair transplant,experts of aesthetic medicinepractice a special technique toform an uneven frontal hairline with some thin single hairs, creating, thus, the effect of natural hair growth. Toward the parietal region, the follicular units are implanted a little thicker, and the direction of hair growth is necessarily taken into account. The same technique is used to reduce the forehead with a hair transplant.

German specialistswith vast practical experience always clearly understand how the hairline changes with age. Patients who had a forehead reduction with hair transplant can be absolutely sure that even over time the implanted hair follicles will provide the same aesthetic and natural result.

Hair transplantationto the forehead is performed using patient’s own donor follicles taken from the posterior occipital hairline. The number of donor follicles is limited, so,during forehead reduction, the surgeon should be extremely careful whenextracting the material. The “barbaric extraction of resources” is not welcomedat hair transplant centers in Germany and Austria; conversely, the amount of hair follicles taken is never more than requiredfor forehead hair transplant. Their number strictly corresponds to the optimal formation of the frontal hairline.

With this approach,forehead reduction with the help of hair transplantation ensures that absolutely all donor follicles will be grafted to baldpatches andareaswith thin hair. After the forehead hair transplant is completed, doctors explain tothe patient how manyfollicular unitswere used for the transplantation.

Reducing the forehead with hair transplant requires the use of high-precision tools that do not damage the surrounding hair follicles. Therefore, forehead hair transplantation facilitates a faster regeneration of the implanted hair follicles and does not leave any visible signs. None of surrounding people, even your personal hairdresserwill be able to suspect you had forehead hair transplant.

In the clinics of Europe, forehead hair transplant has been being performed for many years with safe and modern techniques – FUT and FUE. That is why reduction of the forehead with hair transplant has become a safe and comfortable procedure for the patient. Hair transplantation to the forehead area is done on an outpatient basis; its duration is 3-5 hours for FUT and 7-8 hours for FUE. The use of local anesthesia absolutely excludes any pain.

After forehead reduction by hair transplantation, the patient can return to normal everyday life within a few days. The first few months, the hair follicles will be in a state of rest, and only then will the growth of new hair begin. To finally evaluate what result the forehead hair transplant procedure gave is possible after 8-12 months.

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