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A beard transplant takes hair from another part of your body (usually the base of your scalp at the back, or under your chin) and transplants it to your face. 2020-03-09 Beard Transplant
All you need to now about Beard Transplant

A beard has always been a symbol of masculinity, madea man unique and significant. Today, more and more men are following the fashion trend to wear a beard. Among the vivid examples are such stars of show businessas George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Ben Affleck.

However, not all men have a beautiful, thick beard. Uneven hair growth, bald spots or scar changes of the skin can significantly worsen its aesthetic appearance. In such cases, beard transplantcan be an effective solution.

This procedure is rather complex, as hairs of the beard have a special structure, they are stronger and more rigid. The hair on the head is thinner and less stiff and transplantation of hair from the head to the beard will give an unaesthetic result. For example, thin and fluffy hair is not suitable for a mustache, as it will not have a natural look. Beard transplant is recommended if hair follicles taken from the head are strong enough and can provide the growth of stiff hair.

Beard transplantation in Germany

Beard transplantation is available in two ways: using FUT or FUE techniques. What type of surgery is most preferable is decided individually during the initial consultation. At this stage, the area for transplantation is determined and the donor zone is selected, taking into account the texture of the hair.

With the FUT technique, hair follicles are removed by excision of the skin flap, which is then split under a microscope into separate grafts (follicular units). The follicles are then placed into a special nutrient solution that promotes optimum growth of hair on the beard after transplantation.

Beard transplantation with the FUE method involves the individual extraction of each follicle. There is no need in preparation of hair follicles and keeping them in a special solution. In terms of duration, beard transplant with this technique takes longer, but after it there are no any postoperative scars in the donor zone.

High-precision beard transplantation that does not leave any scars or punctures is an innovative technique practiced only by a small number of medical clinics in Germany.

After the hair follicles are taken, the hair is directly transplanted to the beard. Unlike hair transplantation on the head, it has its own specific and difficulties. Therefore, this procedure can be performed by highly experienced surgeonsonly.

Beard transplant is a truly filigree work, because surgical holes for hair follicles should be not very deep and, at the same time, as accurate as possible. Furthermore, performing a procedure, it is very important to take into account the direction of hair growth, individual in every patient. Only if all the necessary conditions are met, beard transplant will give a natural appearance.

Beard transplant is an outpatient procedure. Local anesthesia is usedto prevent pain. Those patients who are anxious too much can be given mild sedatives. The duration of the procedure largely depends on the surgery method. Beard transplant with FUT takes up to 5 hours, whilst with FUE – up to 7-8 hours.

After transplantation is completed, hair is treated with a special bio active liquid that promotes faster recovery of hair follicles. The growth of new hair on the beard will begin 4-6 months later, only after that the result of the operation will be obvious. Hair transplanted to the beard behaves like natural, itgrows andcan be shaved.

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I had a beard hair transplant and can definitely recommend Dr. Moheb and the team. Very informative preliminary talks, smooth process on site, always very friendly interaction, great result!
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