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Here is a central disorder in the areas of the brain that are responsible for the hormonal control of the ovaries. The hormone GnRH is usually secreted rhythmically every 90 minutes from cells of the hypothalamus. If this rhythm is disturbed or abolished, it leads to a wide range of disorders of the ovarian function. The ovaries are completely intact in their function, but are not sufficiently stimulated.

The cause of hypothalamic ovarian failure is usually due to mental stress, which influences the hormonal metabolism in the hypothalamus, resulting in a reduced secretion of GnRH. Common triggers are underweight due to anorexia nervosa (anorexia) or competitive sports. For the clock to work in the hypothalamus and to regularly release GnRH, the body needs a minimum fat mass of 22%, or the body mass index must be> 19. Other causes include stress, tumors that interfere with the secretion of hormones (eg prolactinomas), hypothyroidism or medication.

A rare, genetically inherited cause is the Kallmann syndrome. It is defined as a concomitant occurrence of a disorder of olfaction and lack of control of GnRH production. Mostly the male sex is affected (here it is expressed in a missing testicular system), but it can also occur in women. Since the external genitalia are developed normally, the diagnosis is often made only in puberty or early adulthood.

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