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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a couple being sterilized if the woman does not become pregnant within one year of regular, unprotected intercourse.

One of three women who want to have children wait more than a year for a pregnancy. Even with a healthy couple, the chance of getting pregnant during regular intercourse within a single cycle is only 10 to 30 percent, depending on age. Less than 5% of all couples in Germany are staying childless.

Fertility is not immutable even between young people can be fertile and unfertile phases because of the reason of mental and physical overload or an unhealthy lifestyle. Every woman and every man must decide for themselves when they should start their naturopathic or reproductive (reproductive medicine) treatment. Medical and psychosocial counseling can be helpful in the decision to start a process to become parents.

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Request individual infertility counseling at the best European fertility centers. Get “second opinion” from the top fertility experts in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Learn more about IVF 2020-03-24 Infertility Counseling
Infertility Counseling
Individual counseling: a fashion trend or unique opportunity?

The sad statistics says that currently one of ten couples in the US suffers from infertility problems. The sterility diagnosis should however not be read as a verdict of childlessness. Breakthroughs in reproductive medicine have granted the couples with a new chances and hopes. According to the WHO records, more than 3.5 million IVF children were born in Europe since 1991. In 2015 about 251 000 healthy IVF babies were born in Germany, which is 3 times more as a decade ago.

The German Association of Female Health reports that the reason of 50% all childless cases is in improper or postponed treatment and lack of information about new methods. At suspicion on infertility in yourself or in your partner, don’t hesitate to apply to professional medical help. Early recognition of disorders simplifies the course of infertility treatment. Often many of the childless couples are in doubt to take a decision to start a treatment. How to understand, which treatment method would work? How to make the first step?

Individual counseling: a fashion trend or unique opportunity?

What to expect from individual counseling?

The licensed German, Swiss and Austrian specialists offer the detailed and competent consultations, during which you can ask questions and overcome fears, associated with the treatment. The professional approach involves primary consultation, psychosomatic aid and primary diagnosis procedure that become an integral part in the sterility treatment. It helps to find the mental balance and make up your mind to further therapy.

“The emotional efforts, associated with the unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant are often underestimated”, says MD Florian Götze, Chief physician of the IVF fertility center “360 Kinderwunsch Zürich”. During the counseling you will not hear something like “Try to relax”. The counseling is performed by the board-certified experts with many years of experience. After such a consultation you get your personal step-by-step plan, which will guide you to your future child.

What to expect from individual counseling?

The European clinics always use an individualized and confidential approach to your health problems. The personal counseling are provided in an atmosphere of loyalty, security and comfort. Counseling proceeds from the individual case and may include the following:

  • Primary patient-centered consultation
  • The IVF consultation
  • Psychosomatic counseling
  • IVF cost planning
  • Consultation on “Social Freezing”, i.e. fertility preservation (oocyte cryopreservation / vitrification, sperm freezing)
  • Discussion of the alternative methods of fertility enhancement

In the next step the specialists will perform a general health check-up of the couple in order to find, whether or not an organic or metabolism problem is the cause of childlessness. Head of the international IVF center in Vienna Professor Herbert Zech says: “The very process of discussing and pinpointing the problem has a positive effect, since the patients realize that they have mastered the situation”.

Get advice on infertility treatment in English

Infertility counseling

Becoming a patient at German, Austrian or Swiss fertility center, you benefit not only from expertise and scientific progress, but also from the multiculturalism of the European clinics. All the specialists speak excellent English, so you won’t suffer from any language barriers during the infertility couching. Please note, that some European clinics offer online initial counseling via Skype or telephone. To learn more about this service, please fill in the contact form on our website and leave us your contact details.

Request the “second opinion” or consultation from the European infertility specialists

The German fertility centers offer not only expert advice, but also a “second opinion” service. The European IVF experts cooperate with colleagues abroad in verifying diagnoses and finding optimal treatment solutions. The “second opinion” is usually based on your previous medical reports, which are to be submitted in English or German.

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