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Some men have problems with their fertility and these circumstances cause some problems. If you have infertility problem and you want to get a professional infertility treatment, you can make it in Germany. It is best to consult an expert on infertility treatment in Germany.

Infertility in men: CAUSES

As with women, men have specific causes that may be involved in the development of infertility:

Decreased sperm quality
The most common cause of male sterility is the limited production of normal, well-motile sperm. Normally, one milliliter of semen contains at least 20 million sperm. When in the male's ejaculate less than one-third of the spermatozoa have normal appearance (morphology) and more than half show limited mobility, this indicates that they are unable to conceive.

Infertility in men: Decreased sperm production

A disturbed sperm production can be hereditary or acquired in the course of life. Particularly often, the undescended testicles rising directly after birth are responsible for the limited formation of healthy sperm. Since a normal function of the testicles requires a temperature of about 32 ° Celsius, overheating of the undescended testicles leads to reduced sperm production (oligozoospermia), reduced sperm motility (asthenozoospermia) or morphological changes (teratozoospermia). Similar consequences can be caused by a varicose vein on the testicles (varicocele). It is believed that this raises the temperature of the testicle and negatively affects sperm production.

Infertility in men: Hormonal causes

In addition, sperm quality may be compromised by chromosomal abnormalities such as Klinefelter syndrome (men who have another X sex chromosome in addition to the XY sex chromosomes) because not enough male hormones are secreted. Accordingly, hormonal causes of reduced sperm quality are also considered in men.

Infertility in men: Testicular malfunction

Acquired testicular dysfunction may also occur after adolescent mumps disease (after puberty) or other testicular infections. Likewise, medication, excessive consumption of nicotine or alcohol, permanent overheating or hypothermia of the testicles, circulatory disorders or environmental toxins such as heavy metals or pesticides can negatively affect sperm production.

Infertility in men: Blockade of the spermatic pathways

Another common cause of sterility is the blockage of the seminal pathways. Although enough sperm cells are then formed, but they do not get through the vas deferens or epididymis into the ejaculate. There is a so-called azoospermia. Possible reasons for damage to the vas deferens are injuries (eg due to a hernia), infectious venereal diseases (often chlamydia infection), inflammation, cystic fibrosis or congenital malformations.

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