Prof. MD S. Kocak
Fertility Center “Fleetinsel”

Prof. MD S. Kocak

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Admiralitatstrasse 4
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  • Prof. MD S. Kocak
  • Prof. MD S. Kocak
  • Prof. MD S. Kocak
  • Prof. MD S. Kocak
  • Prof. MD S. Kocak

Welcome to the “Fleetinsel” – Your Fertility Center in Hamburg!

Our team of experts has already helped many hundreds of childless couples to fulfill their greatest wish to have own children. Our expertise, cutting-edge therapies and excellent technical equipment have contributed to the above-average pregnancy rates that are consistently higher than the average rates in Germany and Europe. We strive to offer you as broad a range of consulting and treatment options as possible and do our best to achieve the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. We use еndoscopic аpproach (i.e. lаparascopy) to treаt almost аll organic changes that may lead to infertility.

Patient-centered medical care

A patient-centered, personalized reproductive medicine allows us to guarantee high results. That is, advise you on the therapies and offer treatment, taking into account your individual situation. In addition to the classical medical fertility treatments we also offer the alternative methods.

As part of IVF, we are pleased to offer our patients the pre-implantation diagnosis, aimed at excluding genetic mutations in the fetus.

We believe that healthy mind and healthy body are the preconditions for optimizing both the IVF experience and the outcome. We only apply the highest quality products for sperm preparation, egg retrieval, and embryo culture all of which are approved for human use by government regulatory authorities.

Range of services

  • Diagnostics of fallopian tube diorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of male fertility disorders, andrology, urology
  • Endoscopic treatment adhesions, endometriosis, myoma, uterine septum, etc.)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Hormone treatment in follicle ripening disorders
  • Hormonal diagnosis of all male and female sterility-related factors
  • Elimination of genetic problems
  • Immunоlogical diagnosis and treatment
  • In-vitrо fertilisation/embryо transfer (IVF/ET)
  • Cryoconservation sperm and egg cells
  • MESA/TESE (minimally invasive sperm extraction)
  • Microsurgical refertilisation, particularly after tubal sterilisation
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Polar body diagnosis (PBD)
  • Support groups: therapeutic one-to-one and group counselling on the topic of desire for children
  • Menstrual cycle monitoring and diagnosis
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