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Primary ovarian failure is caused by a malformation or malfunction in the ovaries. In the healthy woman, ovarian failure occurs only after menopause, because the follicles are consumed and thus the hormone production is stopped. If the menopause occurs before the age of 35, it is called a "climacteric praecox." About 1 to 4% of women suffer from premature ovarian failure, which is also referred to as hypergonadotropic ovarian failure, or hypergonadotropic hypogonadism.

A primary ovarian failure is characterized by the fact that either no follicles are present or a small follicle supply in the ovaries is used up early and therefore no egg maturation or hormone production can take place. In the foreground are as causes congenital chromosomal disorders, which are expressed in a lack of functional germ cells (gonadal dysgenesis). The ovaries of these patients are transformed into connective tissue, stubborn strands (streak gonads) and the follicle population of the ovaries is either absent or is due to accelerated degradation. Patients have a female appearance (phenotype). The female reproductive organs (tubes, uterus, vagina) are normal but not fully formed.

So that the gynecologist can get an overview, is always always at the beginning of the diagnostic clarification a detailed history. Tell your doctor about changes in your menstrual cycle, symptoms such as hot flashes, ovarian surgery or family history. Subsequently, the gynecologist will examine the external appearance of the patient, a general physical examination and a gynecological vaginal and rectal examination.

If the ultrasound examination has no clear result, it makes sense to carry out a pregnancy test. Since pregnancy first manifests itself in the absence of menstrual bleeding, falsely suspected ovarian failure may be suspected.

In primary ovarian failure, FSH and LH concentrations in the blood are greatly increased. By quantifying it can be determined whether the values ​​are in the normal range (10 to 15 mIU / ml) or increased (over 40 mIU / ml).

A simple diagnostic tool is keeping a temperature journal that notes the daily basal body temperature. Because ovarian failure does not ovulate, the typical increase in temperature in the middle of the cycle is also absent.

Primary ovarian failure is inherently irreversible. With the onset of pregnancy can not be expected, exceptions are extremely rare. In women under the age of 40, hormone replacement therapy should be used to compensate for the lack of estrogen.

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