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On this page you will find the best experts for treatment of azoospermia in Germany, in Switzerland and in Austria. If you have an certain health cause, then choose one of our experts of azoospermia treatment. Azoospermia, Infertility and the unfulfilled desire to have a baby are not lifelong circumstances that can not be cured. On the contrary, our experts of azoospermia treatment look back on years of successful work and are always ready to help.

You, as future parents, receive detailed information on the subject of azoospermia treatment from each of these experts. In most cases, your medical reports and hormone evaluations are requested in advance. Then you will be invited to a consultation and maybe for further medical examination by one of this experts of azoospermia treatment. During this conversation, the expert of azoospermia treatment will discuss the options of treatment with you and coordinate further action. If you accept the proposed azoospermia treatment plan, you will usually become a happy newlywed parent in a few months.

Azoospermia is the technical term for the complete absence of seminal ripening cells and sperm cells in the ejaculate and is generally classified as obstrusive or secretory. In obstructive azoospermia, sperm can not pass from the testis into the urethra and then into the seminal ducts. However, the sperm are still formed in the testicles (spermatogenesis).

There are multiple causes of this condition, including patients with vas deferens agenesis, vasectomized patients, or patients with clogged urethral or seminal ducts that occur after surgery. There are special situations where there is no real cause, but a problem in obtaining the ejaculate, e.g. in patients with spinal cord injuries, diabetes, patients taking certain medications, or in the case of retrograde ejaculation, seminal fluid entering the bladder instead of the urethra. All these cases are treated with a good prognosis, a simple surgical procedure called TESE (Testicular sperm extraction) allows the collection of sperm taken from the testicular tissue.

In non-obstructive azoospermia spermatogenesis is disturbed, so that no sperm are formed. Chromosomal aberrations may occur, e.g. the Klinefelter syndrome (cariotype 47XXY) or microdeletion of the Y chromosome, which is related to the loss of genetic information in spermatogenesis. Other causes include bilateral cryptorchidism (incomplete descent of the scrotum in the scrotum), testicular torsion, trauma, infection (e.g., mumps in puberty), radio-chemotherapy treatments. The prognosis for this type of azoospermia is uncertain and the likelihood of finding the cause depends on many factors. There are several parameters by which the presence of sperm can be observed, such as in serum FSH, the size of the testes by a karyotype, although there is no conclusive medical evidence for this. In many cases a testicular biopsy of both testes is advised. The chances to get sperm in this way are about 50%. Patients should be aware of this situation and they should also consider alternative treatment options, such as using donor sperm or vitrifying egg cells, to gain more time for decision-making. Another option is to perform a testicular biopsy before stimulation of the ovaries to freeze the material obtained (if material was found).

By TESE or testicular biopsy, a high number of sperm should be obtained to fertilize them in the obtained oocytes by microinjection. The material obtained from the testes is then examined microscopically in the IVF laboratory. The fertilization rate is comparable to the sperm obtained from the ejaculate.

The combination of ICSI with the surgical techniques to gain sperm offers a high degree of success to help patients with azoospermia.

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Azoospermia is the medical condition of a man whose semen contains no sperm. It is associated with infertility, but many forms are amenable to medical treatment. 2019-11-19 Treatment of Azoospermia

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Azoospermia: Surgery is rare


In the case of azoospermic infertility, several options are available for therapy. Depending on the cause, other approaches are needed.

If the desire for a child remains unfulfilled, the cause may be azoospermia. But what does a therapy look like if there are not enough sperm in the ejaculate? That depends on what the cause of the finding is. If the body itself does not produce enough sperm, it can help to do without cigarettes and alcohol. Even medications can affect sperm production.

It is easier if the azoospermia is caused by an overheating of the testicles - for example, too hot baths or too tight pants. Here it helps, just for a while on appropriate temperatures or clothes to do without, then the body produces healthy sperm. In case of azoospermia due to hormonal imbalances, preparations that help to regulate the hormonal balance may help.

On the other hand, surgical intervention as therapy for azoospermic infertility is necessary, for example if the sperm ducts are blocked. Even if the procedure is not possible, the desire to have children may still be fulfilled by having a doctor remove sperm from the testicle. An artificial insemination is as far as possible. If all of this fails to help and the parenting problems prevent mental health problems, psychological treatment may be appropriate.

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