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Oligozoospermia consists of the presence of an abnormally low number of sperm in a semen sample.

According to the criteria of the 5th edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Manual (2010), the normal concentration of sperm in a semen sample must be greater than or equal to 15 million per milliliter. If the figure is below this amount, it is called oligozoospermia, and it is considered that there may be fertility problems, with the recommendation of more than one sample being recommended for confirmation.

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Treatment of oligozoospermia at German, Austrian and Swiss fertility clinic implies the innovative methods, latest technology and holistic approach 2020-03-11 Treatment of Oligozoospermia
Treatment of Oligozoospermia

Many couples often ask the question – Is it possible to get pregnant if the partner has oligospermia? According to medical research pregnancy occurs three times as seldom in this case. High-quality and effective treatment of the disease is carried out with IVF and ICSI techniques, as well as with the use of artificial insemination. The German IVF centers offer the whole scope of modern methods for oligozoospermia treatment and other diseases causing infertility. The fertility tests is the first step to be made toward the awaited child.

For accurate diagnosis and selection of adequate treatment the following examinations are needed:

  • determining the antibodies in the sperm cells (MAR-test);
  • sex hormones tests (testosterone, prolactin, estradiol, lyuteotropil, FSH)
  • genetic testing for excluding hereditary factors;
  • biochemical and microbiological testing for sexually transmitted infections;
  • ultrasound of the scrotum and prostate gland;
  • Biopsy of testicular tissue.

Please note that the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate can vary between 10 – 15%, therefore it is desirable to eliminate all negative factors and lead a healthy lifestyle when planning a fertility diagnostics. To obtain reliable results of semen analysis you should have it be done at least twice with a 2-week break.

Oligozoospermia treatment

Oligozoospermia treatment aims at eliminating the negative factors that affect spermatogenesis. In the treatment of oligozoospermia hormone therapy, stimulation therapy, or, if necessary, surgical treatment are indicated. In case of obstructive form of azoospermia a variety of microsurgical operations are implemented to restore the fertility function. It is very important to diagnose the cause of the blockage of ducts. Treatment of azoospermia (no sperms in ejaculate) and oligozoospermia (low sperm count) is performed at German clinics on the highest level of European reproductive medicine.

Conservative treatment of male infertility

The hormonal disorders are widely treated with such hormones as testosterone, androgens and gonadotropins. The German specialists apply many pharmaceuticals of new generation, which help to normalize the hormone profile: clоmiphene citrаte, tаmoxifen, НMG, FSН, HCG, testosterone, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, antioxidants, carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine, zinc, high-protein diets.

The combination of different methods allows the German specialists to threat even severe cases of oligospermia (oligozoospermia), with sperm concentration lower than a million sperms pro ml. Homeopathic and ayurveda treatment methods, applied at German clinics have proved to be a good supplement to medicamental treatment of azoospermia and oligozoospermia.

Surgical sperm retrieval

Patient who ejaculate lower amount of sperm, because of blocked tubes in their testes, or because of a genetic condition, can be helped with modern form of surgical sperm extraction methods. The retrieved sperms are conservated and further used for ICSI procedure. The German fertility clinics

Use the following methods of surgical sperm retrieval, which are absolutely painless:

  • PESA: percutaneous sperm aspiration. This method implies putting a thin needle attached to a syringe and simply sucking out the vital sperms inside the testicle.
  • MESA: microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration. The needle is introduced directly into the epididymis, which allows to get healthy sperms as soon as possible
  • TESA: testicular sperm aspiration. This method includes testicular sperm aspiration (TFNA).

Which method to choose, is decided together with the patient after the thorough examination and discussion of the problem. The oligozoospermia treatment is prescribed based on the individual clinical picture, age and other important issues. Fertility clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are equipped with modern diagnostic devices, which help to streamline the process of sperm aspiration and other infertility treatment. procedures

Treatment oligozoospermia: in vitro fertilization

Due to holistic and interdisciplinary approach, treatment of oligozoospermia in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has become really efficient, with success rates making up more that 85%. In-vitro fertilization aims at achieving pregnancy already in the first course of treatment. The mother’s egg and father’s sperm are placed in a special environment where they are joined on their own or by artificial means. After building up of the embryo, it is transferred to the uterus for further pregnancy. The success rate of this procedure at German clinics has achieved more that 50%.

This method is indicated in case the sperm concentration is less than 10 million per millimeter. Also in case of very poor sperm morphology is in-vitro fertilization is the only way to achieve the awaited pregnancy. Sometimes in-vitro method is performed together with ICSI-technique.

Intraplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an assisted reproductive technology in which artificial introduction of sperm into the egg is performed. After the formation of the embryo, it is placed into the uterus, followed by the onset of pregnancy. The major benefit of such assisted methods for oligozoospermia treatment is that it allows the German specialists to eliminate chromosomal anomalies, which may impact the chance of a normal healthy pregnancy. Methods of artificial insemination, particularly intracytoplasmic sperm injection, have really improved the fertility prospects of couples which decide for infertility treatment in Germany.

We would be glad to consult on methods and costs of male infertility treatment at German, Austrian or Swiss reproductive centers.

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