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Infertility (infertility, sterility) is the diagnosis of pregnancy absent for one to two years despite unprotected regular intercourse. In this case, it is advisable that both partners undergo medical examination to find out the cause of the unwanted childlessness:

  • For this, a visit to the gynecologist (gynecologist) is recommended for women,
  • while men can visit urologists or andrologists (specialists in male medicine).

In infertility of a couple, the further diagnosis begins with a detailed conversation to first clarify the general condition of those affected: Existing diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, ...), teething (eg mumps), surgery (eg inguinal hernia, uterus -OP in the woman, ...), lifestyle habits (such as smoking, alcohol consumption, sports, ...), possible mental stress in work, family or partnership and so on - all this information can help to identify the possible reasons for one Infertility or sterility.

This is followed by a thorough physical examination, which allows the cause of infertility to be further limited. In addition, in order to detect or rule out infertility or sterility in men or women, some specific examinations make sense.

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