Prof. MD S. Nikol
Asklepios Hospital

Prof. MD S. Nikol

Main Focus


Lohmühlenstraße 5
20099 Hamburg
Nearest airport: Hamburg

About Prof. MD S. Nikol

Highlights of the career

  • 1986 Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery
  • 1988 Medical Clinic, Cardiology
  • 1991 Cardiovascular Research
  • 1992 Medical Clinic I
  • 2001 Professor of Molecular Cardiology, Head of Angiology Department

University education

  • 1985 Studies of Human Medicine at the RWTH Aachen

Memberships in medical associations

  • German Angiology Society
  • German Society for Arteriosclerosis Research (DGAF)
  • German Society for Internal Medicine
  • European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
  • German Cardiac Society
  • Honorary member of the International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
  • International Andreas Gruentzig Society

Scientific awards and prizes

  • 2005 Schwarz Monheim Prize from the German Angiology Society
  • 2008 Prize for the best doctorate in the Cardiovascular Area of the Heart Center
  • 2009 Dissertation Award of the University of Münster

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