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MD D. Pomarino

Main Focus

    • Leading expert in orthopedic neurology
    • Leading expert in idiopathic walking treatment
    • Idiopathic walking treatment
    • Treatment of gait disorders
    • Theurapeutic procedures
    • Manual therapy
    • Muscle stretching procedure
    • Physiotherapy


Rahlstedter Bahnhofstrasse 9
22143 Hamburg
Nearest airport: Hamburg

About MD D. Pomarino

Pomarino Clinic in Hamburg specializes in diagnostics and therapy of gait disturbances. The clinic main focus is treatment of children but teenagers and adults are also welcomed. The staff is especially attentive to younger patients, as it is very important to correct kids’ disorders as soon as possible, not giving them to become a base of serious dysfunction for the rest of life. Pomarino Clinic has a number of different methods for improving gait and some other diseases but correction of toe walking is its speciality confirmed internationally because if own specific technique of Dr. Pomarino.

Dr. David Pomarino is recognized specialist who has a great experience in correction of idiopathic toe walking (ITW). He developed Pomarino® pyramid insoles according to his own mode and successfully uses them in his clinic in Hamburg. Dr. Pomarino and his team do researches of the causes of toe walking and they have their own vision of the matter and extensive knowledge based on years of studying and practice. Pomarino Clinic cooperates with a wide range of universities and medical institutions in Germany and internationally, which gives him a possibility to present his method to many people worldwide.

Treatment of toe walking and other gait disorders is a long process including different aspects both mechanical and psychological. According to the Pomarino’s method diagnostics is performed step by step. His 4-folds model guarantees a precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment in every individual case. Dr. Pomarino has published a book on his method with detailed description of diagnostics method with many examples based on practice.

Pomarino’s method performance indicators

There are about 1500 patients with ITW under supervision in Pomarino clinic annually. 80% of them correct theirs gait wearing of pyramid insoles only; 65 % need both pyramid insoles and wire ladder splints in night followed with physiotherapy; and 2% only need additional medical therapy.

Pomarino® pyramid insoles are tailored made to order that is why on-line booking is not possible. Patients have to come to Pomarino Clinic for consultation, check-up and insoles production. Insoles must be worn on a regular basis, including with home shoes and footwear for active sports (football, school sports, etc.).

The clinic provides a six-month guaranty for their products. If Pomarino® pyramid insoles being damaged within this period, it will be replaces but the clinic asks to send them a faulty pair for the inspection, as it is very important to have continuous quality control and improvement.

Others services and treatments

Pomarino Clinic works in 14 different fields related to gait disturbances, and idiopathic toe walking is only one of them. The professional team of the clinic consisting of 5 qualified doctors and other personnel offer a variety of different methods and treatments to improve gait. Individual approach makes it possible to find a proper method for every patient. Clinic specialists together with patients (parents, in case of children disorders) develop tailored treatment plans, taking into account the patient's age and disease.

In Pomarino clinic you could find treatments and procedures as following

  • gait disorders treatment for children and adult
  • pyramidal insufficiency treatment
  • manual therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • gymnastics
  • laboratory services
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