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In a spinal stenosis, the canal is narrowed in the spine through which the spinal cord passes. The resulting pressure on the spinal cord, nerves and blood vessels can cause back pain and permanent nerve damage. Mostly a spinal canal narrowing arises as a result of aging processes.

The most common cause of the spinal stenosis is the wear (degeneration) of the spine: Over time, the intervertebral discs between the vertebral bodies lose fluid. As a result, they become flatter and can thus cushion bad movement-related pressure - that is, the vertebral bodies are more heavily loaded and then press on the spinal canal (spinal canal). Osteoarthritis of the vertebral joints (facet joints) can also lead to bony neoplasms and thus promote a spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis usually occurs in the lumbar region (lumbar spinal canal stenosis). It does not necessarily lead to complaints. Such occur only when the spinal canal is narrowed so that nerves or blood vessels are compressed. Which symptoms are specific, when and how strongly they occur depends on several factors. These include the severity of the disease, the patient's posture and the level of exercise.

Almost all patients with spinal stenosis are treated conservatively. Surgery is rarely necessary - usually when important nerves fail. In addition, surgery can be performed if the conservative treatment fails or the patient has a strong emotional distress and is clearly limited in his everyday life.

Every operation involves certain risks. For example, nerves can be damaged during the procedure. In addition, the "skin" around the spinal cord can be injured so that spinal fluid escapes (liquor fistula). Therefore, before operating on a spinal stenosis, the physician will carefully weigh the expected benefits and risks against each other.

On the page, you can see the best doctors for spinal stenosis treatment. International patients pick these specialists for spinal stenosis treatment due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative treatment methods
  • Minimally invasive surgeries
The spinal stenosis treatment is already possible at a price from €11,000. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

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Estimate Costs For Spinal Stenosis Treatment
Arthrodesis of the spinal columnfrom €11,000
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Spinal stenosis is a pretty widespread pathology that often affects adults and the elderly people. 2019-10-21 Spinal Stenosis
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