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A fibroid is a benign tumor that develops from muscle cells. Often the term myoma is used in general for the uterine myoma. Myomas in the uterus are the most common benign tumors in women. They are not dangerous in themselves, but can cause unpleasant discomfort and serious complications.

A fibroid is generally a tumor that develops from muscle cells. Depending on which type of muscle cell is affected, a distinction is made between:

  • Leiomyoma: develops from smooth muscle cells. These are found in the internal organs, such as in the uterus (uterine myoma), in the kidneys and in the stomach.
  • Rhabdomyoma: develops from striated muscle located at the heart and skeletal muscles.
  • Fibroleiomyoma: also develops from smooth muscle cells, but also contains parts of connective tissue.
  • The fibroid is one of the benign tumors. Benign means that the tumors grow slowly. They do not penetrate into the surrounding tissue - they are not infiltrating - they merely displace it. In addition, benign tumors do not form secondary tumors (metastases).

Fibroids are not dangerous in contrast to malignant tumors. Nevertheless, they too can greatly affect the quality of life of those affected and cause dangerous complications.

As long as fibroids do not cause discomfort, they usually need not be treated. At intervals of six to 12 months, however, a check-up should take place at the gynecologist. Myoma, uterus and any complaints are then assessed accurately.

As soon as a fibroid or multiple fibroids cause discomfort or complications, various treatment options are available. The decisive factors in the choice of therapy are, among other things, the age of the woman, the family planning (desire to have children), the type and extent of the complaints as well as the location and size of the fibroid. Basically, fibroids can be treated medically (GnRH antagonists), surgically (myomectomy) or by more recent procedures (embolization, focused ultrasound). In extreme cases, the uterus can also be completely removed.

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