MD F. Ruhland
Helios Hospital

MD F. Ruhland

Main Focus

    • The whole gamut of gynecological services
    • Chest surgery
    • Mammary gland cancer tumor removal
    • Cancer treatment in pelvic organs
    • Endoscopic procedures
    • Surgeries for urinary incontinence treatment
    • Treatment of cancer in female genitals at early stages
    • Cervix cancer treatment


Grosse Parower Strasse 47-53
18435 Stralsund
Nearest airport: Berlin (290 km)

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of the HELIOS Clinic in Stralsund headed by MD Frank Ruhland is one of the 16 Clinic’s departments and, thus, we can offer to our patients all the advantages of comprehensive approach to treatment within multidisciplinary complex.

Our certified Perinatal Center offers a high standard of obstetric and gynecological services with all the conditions for support of high-risk pregnancies, including prenatal diagnosis, individual birth assistance, neonatal intensive care and rooming-in care for mothers and infants.

The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, represented by Chief Physician Dr. Frank Ruhland, MD, has authorizations for advanced ultrasound studies including fetal echocardiography, mammography, urodynamic studies for incontinence and decreased urine output. Dr. Frank Ruhland holds the full qualification in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, as well as sub-specializations in Operative Gynecology and Special Obstetrics / Perinatal Medicine.

Our obstetricians also offer courses for the birth preparation for future moms and couples as well as postpartum recovery gymnastics. In the ideal case, continuous individual midwifery care is provided from pregnancy through birth to the postnatal rehabilitation. Modern standard of cesarean section according to Misgav-Ladach method is suggested in our Center as well as epidural and spinal anesthesia. Acupuncture courses are also offered to the patients.

In field of gynecology the Department is carried out the entire spectrum of conservative and surgical treatments. One of the main focuses is mammary surgery, including plastic reconstructive breast reductions and enlargements and, especially, surgery for breast cancer. Other specializations are oncology surgery for the small pelvis, minimally invasive endoscopic operations, various surgical procedures for urinary incontinence (particularly, TVT) as well as treatment of early stages of genital cancer, especially cervical cancer.

All minimally invasive surgical procedures are possible on outpatient basis. Another specialization of the Department is laser and high-frequency surgery of virus-associated lesions and precancerous lesions in the genital area.

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of the HELIOS Clinic in Stralsund in cooperation with the gynecological oncology specialists performs all forms of chemotherapy for breast and genital cancer on outpatient base. The majority of these treatments are performed according to a high quality standard with scientifically controlled tests.

The specialists of our Department carry out scientific researches on breast carcinoma, especially for its in-situ forms; various kind of systemic therapy; colposcopy and cervical pathology; as well as monitoring methods during pregnancy and childbirth.

The philosophy of The Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of the HELIOS, as Dr. Ruhland said, is individual approach and loving care from any of the staff including Chief Physician, gynecologists, obstetricians and nurses. Together we can find a solution for every of our patients.

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