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A uterine prolapse refers to the emergence of the uterus from the vagina. This is no longer just a cosmetic problem, but provides the affected women with standing and running for a sense of pressure and foreign body in the vagina. While lying down, this sensation disappears, but during sexual intercourse the exposed uterus can be a hindrance, causing pain or even getting hurt.

The severity of a uterine prolapse is divided into stages. Once the uterus shifts out of the vagina, it is called a uterine prolapse.

  • Partial uterine prolapse: Only the cervix enters the vaginal entrance.
  • Total uterine prolapse: Also parts of the uterine body to the outside.
  • In this case, the reduction may also affect portions of the posterior bladder wall (cystocele) or rectal anterior wall (rectocele) with the adjacent vaginal wall (vaginal discharge, descensus vaginae).

From woman to woman the symptoms of a uterine prolapse are different. A complete uterine episode is often manifested by an externally inverted vagina with uterus. It is often only the gynecologist under abdominal compression who can detect a uterine prolapse.

The choice of therapy is therefore based on individual considerations. While regular pelvic floor training can often help to clear the uterine cavity, surgical intervention is usually required to treat a total incident.

On this page, you can see the best doctors for uterine prolapse treatment. International patients pick these specialists for uterine prolapse treatment due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative treatment methods
  • Minimally invasive surgeries

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