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Descent and abasement of inner genitals are pathologies that often occur, but not always timely and correctly solved, because doctors find treatment and rehabilitation challenging in this case 2020-02-13 Descent and Abasement of Inner Genitals
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A vaginal or uterine sinking is when the vagina or uterus enter deeper into the pelvis than it corresponds to their natural mobility. The two organs can be separated or lower together. Due to the upright movement, gravity is particularly attractive to the internal genitalia, which are held in the pelvis by a ligamentous apparatus. Over time, and due to the ongoing strain, these bands give way. At least after the menopause, the vagina and the uterus sink slightly in almost every woman.

But it can also be reduced in younger women, especially if they suffer from a weak connective tissue and do not have enough trained pelvic floor muscles to oppose. The reduction can be temporary and regress or persist (eg after a vaginal delivery). It can also develop gradually.

It is not always that a decision to reduce the severity of the illness causes discomfort. Depending on the sensitivity they do not even look for a doctor because of it. In the worst case, however, the uterus partially or completely slips out of the vagina (uterine prolapse), which makes a doctor's visit absolutely necessary.

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