MD M. Tenger
Bonifatius Hospital

MD M. Tenger

Main Focus

    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Special operative gynecology
    • Gynecology and obstetrics with a focus on gynecological oncology
    • High-quality minimally invasive surgery (MIC III)
    • Senior breast surgeon (OnkoZert)
    • Head of the Certified Breast Center Lingen-Nordhorn (OnkoZert)


Wilhelmstraße 13
49808 Lingen
Nearest airport: Hanover (200 km)

Bonifatius Hospital in Lingen is one of the most advanced clinics in Germany that specialized on a wide spectrum of treatment options. Highly qualified and competent specialists and nurses are ready to help patients from all over the world and deal even with the most challenging and complicated cases. We perform the whole spectrum of procedures starting from cancer surgeries and joint replacement finishing by organ implantation and difficult cardiovascular and spinal operations. Our doctors use state-of-art equipment and facilities to reach the best results possible. Be sure: specialists of Bonifatius Hospital will apply the most innovative and safest methods of treatment to restore your health.

Welcome to Gynecology department!

Gynecology department of Bonifatius hospital puts the main focus on surgical treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous gynecological diseases, urinary incontinence and prolapse. We have sophisticated and advanced equipment at our disposal to perform endoscopic operations and help women on both stationary and outpatient basis. Our department also features the ambulance, and we regularly organize consultation hours: you can either talk to a doctor privately, or visit public consultations with a specialist. For example, we have breast consultation hour, and conversations concerning cancer and other serious diseases.

In order to ensure efficient treatment, proper diagnosis should be made, and our team does its best to define patient’s health state. We practice the most advanced ways of diagnostics including biopsy, pap smear test, blood analysis, ultrasound imaging and other methods. The sooner you have condition revealed the more is your chance of total recovery!

The team of Gynecology department is always glad to help regional and international female patients, no matter what the issue is.

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