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A chemical burn is irritation and destruction of human tissue caused by exposure to a chemical, usually by direct contact with the chemical or its fumes. Chemical burns need special treatment. 2020-03-12 Chemical Burn Treatment
All you need to now about Chemical Burn Treatment

Chemical, or caustic, burns occur as a result of the contact of body tissues with such chemicals as bases (alkaline substances), solvents or acids that can cause damage to the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, muscles or, if chemicals were swallowed, internal organs. Most of the chemical burns are subject for emergency care because even small, at first sight, burns can cause greater damage than it may seem, as some of them are able to penetrate deeper into the tissues and can be evident only eventually.

Types of Chemical Burns

The classification of chemical burns based on the depth is nearly the same as for thermal burns:

  1. First Degree Burn. Only the epidermis (the outer skin layer) is damaged.
  2. Second Degree Burn. The dermis (the inner skin layer) is also injured.
  3. Third Degree Burn. Not only the skin, but also related subcutaneous tissue is injured.

Chemical burns can be caused by direct contact of the skin with the chemical, inhaling evaporation and swallowing of the substance causing the burn. Severity of chemical burns depends on many factors, such as:

Symptoms of Chemical Burns

Depending on the type of chemicals and way of exposure, the signs and symptoms of chemical burns can be different. The most common symptoms in the affected area include:

If case of swallowing the chemical, you may have the following symptoms:

If you have swallowed the chemicals and have any the above symptoms, you should immediately turn to Emergency, as some of the conditions can be life threatening.

First Aid for Chemical Burns

In case of you or other person were exposed to chemicals causing the burn, immediate first aid is needed. If significant damage to the tissues is supposed, first, you should call to Emergency and, then, take measures that include the following:

  1. Remove yourself and/or a person injured from the site of exposure
  2. Remove any contaminated clothing or other things (as jewelries). Use gloves when doing.
  3. If there are some hard particles, first, brush them off.
  4. Rinse the skin properly to remove the chemicals. You should rinse the area during at least 15-20 minutes (for strong alkalis to 60 minutes) running water to ensure that no chemicals remain n the site of injury. Do not stop rinsing even you are transporting the injured person to a hospital. Make it possible to continue rinsing on the way.
  5. Make sure that no one is exposed to contaminated water.
  6. Apply a sterile bandage or clean cloth loosely.
  7. Take OTC painkillers if needed.

In case of swallowing of chemicals:

Chemical Burns Outcomes: Consideration on Surgery

Today, not many people die of chemical burns if have received timely and qualified medical assistance. Most of the chemical burns occur to the face, eyes, arms, hands and legs. Minor injuries normally do not cause noticeable marks, but severe chemical burns could lead to serious damages to the tissues and muscles, including:

There are also some psychological issues that with chemical burns may experience in long-term perspective, especially, in relation to permanent changes of appearance or limb functionality:

Happily, the modern plastic surgery can help a lot to people disfigured or lost some abilities in result of chemical burns. Reconstructive plastic surgery may be an option both for restoring limited abilities and improving appearance.

Plastic Surgery for Chemical Burns

Plastic surgery is the last stage in rehabilitation after a severe chemical burn that caused leaving unattractive scars or completely disfigured face. Often, it needs many stages and goes together with psychological assistance.

Cosmetic surgery clinics in Germany offer a wide range of services including step-by-step reconstruction and reshaping of the tissues damaged by injuries. The procedures following the chemical burn immediate treatment may include:

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