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Parathyroid adenomas are usually discovered when a higher-than-normal calcium level shows up in a routine blood test. The most common treatment is to remove the enlarged gland (or glands). This surgery cures the problem 95% of the time. 2020-03-09 Surgery on Parathyroid Adenoma
All you need to now about Surgery on Parathyroid Adenoma

A benign hormonal tumor on the back of the thyroid is called parathyroid adenoma. Most people in the world have two pairs of these glands, in rare cases the number can reach up to five. Parathyroid glands serves the production of parathormone participating in the calcium-phosphoric exchange. Problems may occur if there is too much active substance. As a result there is a risk of side effects development in bones, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and disorders of the cardiovascular system. Incorrect performance of parathyroid glands leads to osteoporosis, pancreatitis, arterial hypertension, gastric ulcer and nephrolithiasis. In severe forms these diseases can lead to a disability and reduce the lifespan.

Treatment of parathyroid adenoma

Applying to a medical center in Germany, the patient will receive effective diagnostics, individual approach, full complex of examinations and treatment plan with subsequent rehabilitation. Disturbances in work of parathyroid glands increases the concentration of calcium in the blood serum. Women aged 20-50 years are in the risk group. Parathyroid adenoma is a type of mutation which results in the uncontrollable production of the hormone. It may be caused by traumas of the head and neck. Reshaping of proteins that deliver calcium to the parathyroid glands provokes mutation and uncontrolled division of cells. The instantaneous expansion of the connections leads to the adenoma of the parathyroid gland. The transition of the disease into the active phase can start even with only one mutated gene. The deficiency of calcium in the human body, caused by a wrong diet, ecology, work in adverse conditions, the lack of vitamins from food or medicine, can burden the situation. Radiation exposure, traumas are the primary causes, due to which the patient is confronted with a benign tumor. Despite the fact that the parathyroid adenoma will not transition into malignant form, the disease carries a serious danger to human health and requires immediate treatment or surgery.

Symptoms of parathyroid adenoma

The absence of obvious symptoms during the active progression of the disease complicates the timely diagnosis. The person does not feel any obvious deviations. Weakness, increased heartbeat, sweating, fatigue can be blamed on many diseases. If you feel nausea, disturbance of the digestive system, constant fatigue, deterioration of memory and cramps you should immediately sound the alarm and see a doctor. The symptoms of parathyroid adenoma are similar to most endocrine system diseases. Preventive examinations reduce the risk of development of glands disorders.

If hyperparathyroidism of the bone character is diagnosed it results in the destruction of bone tissue, begins osteoporosis, fractures of pipe bones, the patient notices the loosening of teeth. If the illness develops into a renal form there is a risk of urinary stone disease. If the gastrointestinal tract is involved, pancreatitis and duodenal ulcer may develop. If parathyroid adenoma transits into the cardiovascular form, problems with arteries and valves can be expected.

Removal of parathyroid adenoma

Before the treatment plan is assigned, the patient passes diagnostics in order to determine the stage of the disease, its localization and to assess the body state. The blood tests on concentration of calcium and phosphorus, urine tests are taken, ultrasound of abdominal area, subtraction scintigraphy, X-ray to estimate the condition of bone tissues, examinations on presence of ulcers and gastritis, biopsy for elimination of probability of development of cancer are carried out. A surgery to remove a parathyroid adenoma is often inevitable. This method allows to prevent complications and development of the disease, to save healthy organs, to restore the functioning of the body system and to put the patient on the path of recovery. In preparation for surgery doctors recommend to eat less calcium-rich food. The prognosis after removal of parathyroid adenoma is favorable and does not affect professional activity of the person and their habits. The operation can performed at any time of the year if there are no inflammations and infections in the patient's body. In order to avoid undesirable consequences a set of general examinations is carried out.

Anesthesiologists will pick up the type and amount of anesthesia based on the blood analysis, cardiovascular system, brain work. The age of the patient and the presence of chronic diseases are also taken into account. The surgical removal of parathyroid adenoma can be carried out using thyroidectomy, which involves the removal of the whole thyroid gland. The absence of the organ is substituted by the intake of hormonal drugs. An alternative technique is to hemithyroidectomy in which only a part of the thyroid gland is resected. Practiced is also a near-total resection, when the surgeon tries to retain the organ and removes the as little of it as possible. In neoplasms in the isthmus area the binding thread between the cavities of the thyroid gland is removed.

Tests in thyroid adenoma help the endocrinologist to select the operation method and predict the rehabilitation process. After surgery, the patient quickly recovers and returns to the usual way of life. After surgery on the parathyroid adenoma it is recommended to adhere to a healthy diet. To reduce the intake of oils and cheeses. To give preference to fish, vegetables, dairy products and mushrooms. Even in the absence of a disease such a diet will help you avoid problems with the thyroid gland. The cost of the surgical removal of parathyroid adenoma depends on the form of the disease, the patient's condition and treatment plan. After applying to a medical center in Germany, the patient will be given a detailed picture of the disease and a treatment plan. They will get an individual approach, including psychological support during the preparation for surgery and rehabilitation.

The treatment of parathyroid adenoma using folk medicine is not effective, except the herb cinquefoils (potentilla), which can prevent the rapid progression of the disease. It is possible to influence the production of hormones only with medications. White cinquefoils in parathyroid adenoma has an antitumor effect, antioxidant and radioprotective properties. The plant is used in the form of a tea or is rubbed into externally. It is impossible to prevent mutations by taking herbal infusions and compresses. Self-medication increases the risk of the disease development into a severe form. There are no consequences after removing parathyroid adenoma. Blood values will go back to normal. After a while the person will feel significant health improvement and problems with the thyroid gland will no longer bother them.

Treatment of parathyroid adenoma without surgery is possible only in primary symptoms and when valuable herbs, such as white cinquefoils, are at hand, favorably influencing the functioning of the endocrine system. Self-treatment can badly influence the body, so it is recommended to combine folk methods and treatment in a hospital. German clinics are equipped with highly effective equipment allowing to carry out operations using minimally invasive technologies. As a result it is possible to avoid long rehabilitation period, risk of infection, bleeding and damage of nerve endings. Surgeons monitor the process in real time, on a larger scale. The earlier the patient applies with the complains of weakness and increased fatigue, the more it is possible to correct the situation without surgery. Doctors in German clinics work together with specialists from neighboring areas such as gastroenterologists and cardiologists. This approach allows them not to damage other organs and to discharge a completely healthy patient. It is recommended to start treatment immediately after you have passed diagnostics and received a recommendation from an endocrinologist.

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