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The health check-up is a check-up for men and women. The aim is to be able to recognize and treat illnesses at an early stage.

Generally, the check-up is used to identify and assess health risks and burdens. It also serves the early detection of common diseases, such. As cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease or diabetes mellitus.

The examinations usually contain the following components:

  • Survey of personal, family and social history (history), in particular recording of the risk profile
  • Full status survey (whole body status)
  • Examination from the blood (including blood collection): total cholesterol and glucose
  • Examination from the urine: protein, glucose, erythrocytes, leucocytes and nitrite (urinary stripe test)
  • Verification of vaccination status
  • Advice on the results of the examination with recommendations on health-conscious behavior on demand
  • Consequences and, if necessary, further diagnostics / therapy as part of the treatment of patients
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The purpose of a medical check-up program is to make you aware of undetected health problems and risks for common diseases at an early stage where you may not have any symptoms. 2020-03-13 Check-up in Germany
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Check-up in Germany

Check-ups are especially relevant for people over their forties. People at this age are recommended to have a full examination every year, ensuring the preservation of health in the future.

You should remember that many diseases at an early stage of development are progressing completely unnoticed, without any symptoms. Check-up allows to diagnose the beginning of a disease and conduct the necessary treatment before it is too late. The early asymptomatic course of oncological diseases is especially dangerous, because the person learns about them only when they are already late to treat.

Moreover, the check-up will help to determine which body systems are especially susceptible to a disease. If you possess such information about your condition, you can pay special attention to any organism systems or organs to exclude the disease development.

Check-up programs in Germany have different orientation. It is possible either to have a detailed examination of a particular area, disturbing you, or to perform a general examination of the whole body.

The general examination is perfect for prophylaxis and prevention of illnesses, as well as in cases of complaints with an unknown cause. Sometimes after a general examination there is a need for a deeper diagnosis.

After the diagnostics you can select several areas that interest you the most.

When the examination is over you will receive not only the detailed information about your health condition, but also useful recommendations on how to maintain good health.

Basis-Check Examination Program

  • Interview with a physician, collection of anamnesis (approx. 30-60 minutes).
  • Clinical examination (neurology, therapy, orthopedics).
  • Laboratory studies: compiling a dossier with all the relevant parameters: heart/blood circulation and metabolism, including tumor markers (e.g. hematology panel, electrolyte tests, indices of kidney function, indices of liver function, cholesterol level, triglyceride level, atherogenicity index, LDL, HDL, indices of thyroid gland function, blood glucose analysis, ferritin, PSA, CA19-9, CEA, etc.).
  • ECG at rest, ECG under load and study of lung function (to carry out ECG under load you should bring comfortable clothes/sports uniform for change).
  • MRI full body scan.
  • In existing justified indications: CT of lungs and heart with evaluation on the Agatston score to estimate the risk of myocardial infarction development.
  • Ultrasound examination of carotid arteries to assess the risk of a stroke.
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland.
  • Detailed discussion of the examination results and consultation about the recommended treatment.
  • Detailed medical report with pictures and a CD-ROM.
  • Recommendations and examination plan for the following years.

Manager-Check Examination Program

  • Estimation of an individual hormonal profile (in men/women).
  • In existing justified indications: osteodensitometry (measurement of bone density in women).
  • Analysis of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Determination of risk markers for Alzheimer's disease.
  • Nutritional counseling.

Premium-Check Program

The program of preventive body diagnostics "Premium check-up" is an advanced screening, covering the study of functional abilities of all organs and structures of the human body. Compared to the basic program of preventive diagnostics, the "Premium" program also includes whole body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). During the diagnosis the specialists of the German clinic will pay you enough time to evaluate the state of your health. We also consider your actual physical form, your family history, and peculiarities of your professional and social life.

Based on the diagnostic results, our experienced specialists will make a comprehensive and detailed report on the current state of your health and recommendations for a complex prevention program.

For whom is the "Premium" program best suited?

Premium screening can be performed at any time and at any age. We recommend that: every patient over 35 should undergo a thorough diagnosis every two years and, after the age of 50, once a year.

Diagnostic methods included into the "Premium" program

  • Extensive medical history and physical examination
  • Body impedance
  • Measurement of lung function and volume (spirometry)
  • ECG at rest (ECG)
  • Laboratory tests (blood and urine analysis)
  • Heart ultrasound (color Doppler echocardiography of tissue structures)
  • Ultrasound examination of carotid arteries (duplex ultrasound scanning), including measurement of the vessel wall thickness
  • Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity organs (abdominal ultrasound)
  • Whole body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

Additional diagnostic tools in appropriate indications

  • Additional MRI-examination (magnetic resonance imaging), for example, MRI of the prostate gland or MRI of the breasts
  • CT (computed tomography), e.g. cardiac CT
  • Scintigraphy (nuclear medicine)

Sport-Check Program

  • Leg pressing analysis;
  • Measurement of the spine;
  • Measurement of the spine;
  • Spiroergometry;
  • Training advice.

Additional services (optional)

  • Exercises with a personal trainer.
  • Consultation on naturopathy.
  • Stress counselling/mental training.
  • Cardiac MRI (functioning/with delayed opacification).
  • Analysis of treadmill walking (within the Sport Check program).
  • Phlebologist consultation.
  • Consultation on cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Further consultation from medical specialists in the fields of:

Examination of the whole body from head to toe

Complex, individual preventive examinations are conducted in German clinics, their purpose is to identify risk factors and diseases at an early stage of their development. Based on the results of the check-up, you will be given recommendations to eliminate possible health risks and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the rational and well-designed preventive program you can lay a solid foundation for your future: maintain your health and living standards up to the sunset years. You can also choose between a standard set of examinations and individual screenings.

What awaits you?

  • the most modern examination methods and diagnostic devices;
  • only medically appropriate and suitable for the patient test methods (depending on age, gender, risk profile and family environment);
  • medical care and examination by experienced and specialized physicians;
  • professional record of all reports, recommendations on treatment and medical conclusion;
  • detailed consultation on possible risk factors and reasons for the disease development;
  • individual treatment recommendations based on the consultation results.

As a rule, one full examination is enough for a patient to immediately understand what health problems may arise. Later you will only need to be examined in the areas that may cause problems. If the diagnostics revealed certain ailments, it is also better to entrust their treatment to a clinic in Germany, where you will be provided with professional effective assistance.

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