MD J. Gorich
Heidelberg Radiological Clinic

MD J. Gorich

Main Focus

    • Leading expert in Digital X-ray
    • MRI
    • CT
    • Nuclear medicine
    • Digital X-ray
    • Treatments for back pain
    • orthovoltage radiotherapy;
    • early detection of osteoporosis;
    • preventive treatment


Rohrbacher Str. 149
69126 Heidelberg
Nearest airport: Frankfurt am Main (80 km)


  • MD J. Gorich
  • MD J. Gorich

About MD J. Gorich

The head of the radiological clinic in Heidelberg is Pr. Johannes Görich. The center offers a wide range of modern diagnostic equipments and provides the clients with the best standard of diagnostic medical imaging. True diagnostics is the key to an effective treatment.

Diagnostic center in Heidelberg benefits patients with brain disorders, heart and lungs diseases, digestive system disorders. Technological equipment of the clinic detects diseases in the early stage to prevent a risk of their developing.

There are three points of success and popularity of the clinic:

  • Comfortable location and favorable conditions during the patient's hospital stay
  • modern equipment, including Siemens MRI Scanner, gamma camera, machines using low radiation doses to produce x-rays by Multix Fusion, Tomography Scanner SOMATOM Force and many others
  • professional specialists since 2001

Johannes Görich is the first specialist of the radiological clinic

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Görich has a main position at the clinic. He studied medicine and has completed medical internship in Heidelberg and received a job as a main doctor in Bonn and Ulm. He has a various experience and a lot of grateful patients.

Patient safety

The clinic is committed to quality service with the newest technologies by Siemens. They provide the highest and consistent image quality.

Siemens has a strong legacy in dose-reducing equipments. With Siemens radiation exposure is always minimized without compromising diagnostic performance. The procedure lasts only three seconds to make it more convenient for customers.

Service of the clinic

  • MRI;
  • CT;
  • nuclear medicine
  • digital radiography

Other services

  • Treatments for back pain;
  • orthovoltage radiotherapy;
  • early detection of osteoporosis;
  • preventive treatment

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