PD MD J. Textor
GKH Hospital

PD MD J. Textor

Main Focus

    • Analysis of central nervous system, radiology
    • MRI-angiography of the entire body vessel system
    • Cardiologic MRI- (functional analysis of heart functioning, heart disease diagnosis)
    • MRI analysis of inner body organs
    • MRI analysis
    • MRI analysis of the entire body


Bonner Talweg 4-6
53113 Bonn
Nearest airport: Cologne / Bonn


  • PD MD J. Textor
  • PD MD J. Textor
  • PD MD J. Textor
  • PD MD J. Textor

About PD MD J. Textor

The Hospital GKH in Bonn was founded in 1996 and since then this offers the all-embracing medical support both to German and international patients.

The hospital includes all the medical departments needed to provide the highly individualized medical care. Annually more than 18,000 outpatient treatments are performed at this hospital and more than 36,000 surgical procedures are carried out here. The GKH medical center in Bonn stuffs 1,000 employees, 450 of whom are doctors of medical sciences and professors, representing all the departments of the clinic.

The focus of our since 2005 completely digitalized department are the cross-sectional imaging with the aid of magnetic resonance and computed tomography as well as therapeutic radiology (Interventional Radiology). We are proud to offer our patients the magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) of the latest generation (Philips Ingenia 3T). The most advanced tests can be carried out without X-ray radiation. Furthermore, we have a highly modern computed tomography , which is especially informative for the presentation of the coronary vessels.

Our benefits

Modern radiology procedures are used in order to find the correct diagnosis as quickly as possible. The use of proper investigation process at the right time can spare the patient often unnecessary and sometimes unpleasant or even dangerous investigations. Our specialists contribute to a modern high quality medical care and help to keep the hospital stay as short as possible.

Therapeutic radiology

The radiology is not limited to the pure diagnosis, but can now offer a variety of gentler treatment methods. For example, the treatment of vascular stenosis through the use of balloon catheters and stents (stents) are possible a tour center. An operation is no longer necessary in many cases. To perform these procedures, we have an ultra-modern flat detector angiography system.

We would be glad to consult you on details of radiology diagnosis at our center!

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