Prof. MD C. Plathow
Diagnostic Center

Prof. MD C. Plathow

Main Focus

    • Top specialist in radiology
    • Nuclear medicine physician
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Computed tomography (CT)
    • Diagnostic imaging of the musculoskeletal system
    • Diagnostic imaging of cancer
    • Diagnostic imaging for urological diseases (including MRI of the prostate gland)
    • Diagnostic imaging for heart diseases (including MRI of the heart, cardiac CT)
    • X-rays diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system
    • Radioisotope diagnostics (including diagnostics of thyroid diseases)
    • Pain management under CT control


Beethovenstraße 2
76530 Baden-Baden
Nearest airport: Stuttgart (90 кm)


  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow
  • Prof. MD C. Plathow

About Prof. MD C. Plathow


  • Studying at the Faculty of Medicine, Heidelberg University
  • University of Mannheim, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Healthcare Economics
  • 2000-2006 Specialization in Radiology at the German Research Oncology Center in Heidelberg (DKFZ) under supervision of Prof. Debus and Prof. Kauczor, at the Heidelberg University Hospital (Prof. Wannenmacher), and at the University Clinic of Tübingen (Prof. Claussen)
  • 2007-2009 Specialization in Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Freiburg (supervised by Prof. Moser and Prof. Weber), later Senior Physician
  • 02/2010 Appointed as AdjunctProfessor at the University of Heidelberg
  • 2009 Started working at the Diagnostic Center in Baden-Baden

Academic Degrees

  • 1997 Doctor of Medicine at the Department of Physiology, Heidelberg University: “Sensitivity to the calcium of skeletal muscles after the reconstitution with protein kinase A and calcium sensitizer EMD53998 (consultant Prof. Rüegg)
  • 2005 Master of Health Economics, Department of Health Economics at Healthcare Economics (M.Sc.), the University of Mannheim: "Teleradiology in Diagnostic and Clinical Radiology – Fundamentals, Current State and Business Aspects in Germany" (Consultant Prof. Eichhorn)
  • 2007 VeniaLegendiHabilitation at the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology,Heidelberg University: “Morphological and functional examination of the lungs and tumor movement by means of dynamic magnetic resonance tomography –fundamentals, clinical correlation and application in subjects and tumor patients.” (Consultant Prof. Kauczor)

About the Diagnostic Center in Baden-Baden

The Diagnostic Center in Baden-Baden is a regional medical center with two clinical branches and a modern central office in the city center next to the Festival House (Festspielhaus) of Baden-Baden. Parking places are in the house.

Our goal is to take care of your health. Patients and their problems are the main focus of our clinic with contemporary medical equipment and advanced technologies. We provide you an individual approach and confidential atmosphere during an appointment with a doctor – and all this in pleasing modern and noble interiors of the Diagnostic Center in Baden-Baden.

  • State-of-the-art equipment in a modern ambience
  • More than 45 years in Baden-Baden
  • 5 qualified doctors and an international team to improve your health

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

We have diagnostic SIEMENS apparatus of the latest generation in the clinic. Our high-end CT scanner «SIEMENS 128-Zeilen» with 128 row detector and low level of radiation is the newest in the Mittelbaden region. There are also other last generation magnectic resonance machines (MRI) and a scintigraphic camera with open design.

Quality Standards

Our team of experienced doctors includes a number of experienced specialists withsome of them working for many years as Chiefs of hospital departments. Our Diagnostic Center is the academic clinic of the Radiology Department of the University of Heidelberg; we are certified according to the standard KTQ (Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Health Care); we are the only clinic in the region certified for early breast cancer screening.

Easy Accessibility

All three branches are located in the center of Baden-Baden, with excellent transportationand parking near the clinic.

Early Diagnostic

We offer comprehensive methods for early detection of diseases and preventive screening.


The modern and beautiful interior makes staying in our clinic as comfortable as possible.

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