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Snoring occurs when a person makes a snorting or rattling noise when they breathe during sleep. Treatment for snoring depends on the cause. 2020-02-13 Snoring Treatment
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What to do against snoring? That can be different! Surgery or dental splint? After good diagnostics you can stop or even prevent snoring.

For snoring many different therapies are offered. Unfortunately, often only the therapy is offered, which offers the doctor just interviewed himself. Here it is important that the patients themselves are informed about the different treatment directions and can thus make a competent own picture.

There are no "simple" remedies for snoring. Therapy can and should only be recommended and performed after thorough interdisciplinary examination and diagnostics, which ideally should be performed by a sleep specialist, an ENT specialist, an internist and a specialist dentist.

The various remedies and against snoring are usually ineffective, since neither drops, oils, salts, clamps, bite bars in the anterior region, ointments or special pillows can prevent the closure of the airway. Drugs in the strict sense are not against the snoring.

Surgery against snoring will only bring the desired success if it is ensured that operable structures are responsible for the constriction in the airway. Often, these surgeries relieve symptoms, but can be difficult to predict due to scarring. However, there are some gentle surgical techniques today that can bring good results to expert surgeons.

If obstructive sleep apnea is present, positive pressure breathing is used by the CPAP method (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure). This should not be used with "normal" snoring.

The Berliner Charité began researching a new treatment against snoring in 2012: a tongue pacemaker that is operated on and prevents the tongue from falling back. This new treatment method will successfully prevent respiratory failure caused by snoring.

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