PD MD H-J Erli
Vivantes Hospital

PD MD H-J Erli

Main Focus

    • Top orthopedic doctor
    • Leading physician in the field of sports medicine
    • Operation on the knee joint
    • Endoprosthetics of the knee joint


Am Nordgraben 2
13509 Berlin
Nearest airport: Berlin

About PD MD H-J Erli

Dr Hans-Jochen Erli: From the hand to the foot – specialists in limb and spinal operations treat patients from all over the world

Patients who need a hand or shoulder operation, have injured their spine or require surgery on their foot or knee will find specialists for every limb and spinal disorder – many of whom are internationally recognised experts – in the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery at the Vivantes Humboldt Hospital, Berlin. Doctors even use grafting techniques to rebuild nerves damaged in complicated injuries.

Around three quarters of chronic pain can be attributed to a disorder of the musculoskeletal system.

Back pain is the reason for half of cases of people having to take time off work. Sports injuries are often the result of subjecting the body to stress for which it is no longer prepared.

Changed working conditions, modern lifestyles and the massive increase in life expectancy all place the musculoskeletal system under new types of strain, resulting in a steady rise in orthopaedic diseases and injuries.

Comprehensive range of treatment from the musculoskeletal centre

The centre is attached to the Department for Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics. Senior Consultant and private lecturer Dr Hans-Josef Erli is a world-renowned expert in spinal diseases. Leading experts in traumatology, hand surgery, arthroscopy, foot surgery, shoulder surgery and endoprosthetics also work at the centre.

The Department for Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics treats around 15,000 outpatients and 2,500 inpatients each year. It deals with the full spectrum of injuries and disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. To treat spinal injuries and disorders, the department uses minimally invasive and endoscopic methods. It is also working to advance these methods. The department offers the following types of medical care:

  • Treatment of severely injured people, including those with severe pelvic and hip injuries
  • Treatment of spinal injuries and diseases (minimally invasive and endoscopic methods)
  • Treatment of injuries and the consequences of injuries to the hand Reconstructive surgery following complex injuries to the limbs, including reconstruction of bones and soft tissue as well as nerves by means of grafting
  • Reconstructive joint surgery, in particular on the knee, ankle and shoulder (arthroscopic and endoprosthetic methods)
  • Integrated rehabilitative treatment
  • Quality and comfort for international guests

The department specialises in treating patients from outside Germany and has an international team of support staff, interpreters and nurses dedicated to looking after international guests. Accommodation in comfortable, hotel-like rooms with air-conditioning and access to the internet and international media, combined with meals catering to religious requirements, complement the range of top-class medical treatment and make a stay in hospital as pleasant as possible.

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