Prof. MD W. Delius
Cardiology Clinic "Delius"

Prof. MD W. Delius

Main Focus

    • Leading expert in cardiology
    • Treatment and diagnosis of inborn and acquired heart defects
    • Heart valve disease treatment
    • Cardiac failure treatment


Rochusstrasse 10
80333 Munich
Nearest airport: Munich


  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius
  • Prof. MD W. Delius

Heart diseases have been the main cause of untimely deaths for many years. Modern medicine offers a lot of ways to treat cardiovascular system and one of them is to visit German therapy center of modern cardiology which is situated in the old centre of Munich. Not only quality medicine but the atmosphere itself here is salutary.

More and more people from Europe as well as from the USA and Israel choose Delius Praxis heart clinic. The reason for that is that all medical services here – treatment of cardiovascular diseases, heart surgeries and rehabilitation – are top-quality, just like in leading elite clinics, but costs are various and there are programs affordable for patients with different levels of income.

What can be treated in Delius Praxis clinic in Munich

A few thousand patients come to Delius Praxis clinic in Munich every year – not only from Germany, but from other countries as well. This is due to high-quality treatment of heart diseases by conservative and surgical techniques. Delius Praxis clinic can help you treat the following cardiovascular or concomitant pathologies:

  • Hypertension and hypotension.
  • All types of arrhythmia.
  • Inherent and acquired heart defects.
  • Preinfarction syndromes and infarctions.
  • Vascular diseases.

The treatment begins with thorough diagnostics and council of physicians. All kinds of advanced diagnostic procedures are available to patients of the clinic:

  • Ultrasound with contrast medium.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Ergometry.
  • Diagnostics with radioactive substances (completely safe for patients).
  • CT coronarography and others.

The clinic has its own analytical laboratory where important tests for diagnosing pathologies are done quickly and accurately. Patients stay in a hospital department and the accommodation is similar to a 5-star hotel.

Doctors and staff

The clinic’s experts have performed thousands of coronary bypass and stent surgeries, pacemaker and valve replacement surgeries, vascular angioplasty, surgical elimination of heart defects in patients of different age.

Delius Praxis heart clinic is headed by Dr. Wolfram Delius, cardiologist with 45 years of experience and a world-renowned scientist. He is also running cardiology department in Bogenhausen municipal hospital and is a member of numerous scientific societies. Dr. Delius was awarded an honorary medal of E. von Bergmann for his great service in the field of medicine.

Another luminary of European medicine who works in the clinic is Greta Delius, M.D. There are also experienced assistants. All heart surgeries performed in Delius Praxis clinic are 100% successful.

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