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Heart disease or cardiovascular disease refers to conditions that cause heart attacks. Get more information on heart disease causes, types, and symptoms. 2020-03-13 Heart Diseases Treatment
All you need to now about Heart Diseases Treatment
Heart diseases

More than ten million Europeans have heart diseases. Every year, the number of heart patients hits 600,000, and more than 100,000 surgeries are successfully conducted at German cardiology centers. Clinics in Germany offer a full spectrum of advanced cardiovascular diagnostic and care methods.

Diagnosing coronary heart disease in Germany

To detect a pathology, we recommend that our patients undergo special diagnostic programmes. The cost of each programme includes services of a professional interpreter escorting the patient during all the examinations, as well as transfer from and to the airport.

Quick diagnostics: (ambulatory heart diagnostics)

2 hours Price: 850 € Heart performance monitoring

Comprehensive diagnostics (ambulatory diagnostics of coronary heart disease and heart attack risk)

Up to 8 hours 2100 €

Surgical treatment of the heart diseases

Most heart diseases require surgical treatment.

Heart diseases. Endoscopic surgery.

Endoscopy plays a key role in minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Endoscopic operations appear to be maximally conservative and minimally traumatic. The whole load of work is done via an endoscope, enabling the surgeon to watch the process on a TV screen. Stenting and angioplasty are the most common types of endoscopic heart surgery.

Heart diseases. Pacemakers.

Heart diseases, such as stable arrhythmia, pronounced bradycardia and/or atrial fibrillation, which result from muscle contraction disorders, can only be treated using a pacemaker. The device is implanted beneath the skin or the pectoral muscle, under local anesthesia. The whole procedure takes less than thirty minutes.

The Friedrichshafen Cardiology Center in Germany uses reprogrammable pacemakers, which do not require surgical extraction.

Heart diseases. Myocardial revascularization.

A surgery aimed at preventing poor circulation in the myocardium is called myocardial revascularization. Most commonly, the term myocardial revascularization is referred to as coronary artery bypass grafting. The operation reestablishes arterial blood flow in the muscle by sending blood around the narrowed portion of a coronary vessel via grafts.

However, revascularization can be performed using a minimally invasive and therefore painless method called coronary stenting. Coronary angioplasty lies in the introduction of a stent into a ballooned vessel to prevent it from shrinking back. All procedures are done through catheterization, mostly via the femoral artery.

Heart diseases. Coronary surgery

A heart disease, which is most commonly referred to as ischemic disease, results from poor circulation in the myocardium. Pharmaceutical therapy is not effective in treating progressive ischemic disease. In order to reestablish circulation in the affected portions of the heart, coronary artery bypass grafting is required. The procedure restores all diseased vessels.

Heart diseases. Laser revascularization

This is the latest unrivaled method, which is used in Germany and applied in cases whereby stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting are not feasible. A lead is guided into the heart through a minor incision in the chest, which applies a laser ray to the myocardium to cut channels through it and route blood to the muscle.

Congenital heart defects’ treatment in Germany

Surgical correction and treatment of congenital heart defects for patients of all ages is one of the core activities of German cardiac surgeons. Currently a wide experience of congenital defects’ treatment has been accumulated in German health care facilities. In this context, about 70% of the patients are children including newborn, and another 30% are adults diagnosed with congenital heart defects and underlying diseases.

Presently congenital cardiac defects units have direct contacts with prenatal diagnosis centres and perinatal centres. If heart defect is found in course of prenatal diagnosis, paediatric cardiologist supervises pregnancy and delivery

Special attention is given to acute congenital cardiac defects: transposition of great vessels, truncus arteriosus, aortic coarctation, aortic valve stenosis, anomalous pulmonary venous drainage as well as single cardiac chamber etc. Upon delivery, children with diseases of that nature are transferred to cardiac intensive care unit for immediate surgery and treatment. German modern technologies allow surgical corrections to newborns with no donated blood required.

For example, within the first year of life following anomalies are to be eliminated: ventricular septum disorders, pulmonary atresia, atrioventricular canal defect, Fallot’s tetrad and severe blue baby syndromes (complete transposition of great vessels with both of the great arteries transposed from the right ventricle or with coexistent stenosis.)

In future patients with congenital cardiac defects pass into the adults’ category and risk to be treated by doctors with no special study, and not familiar with their peculiarity. In this connection in 1988 an innovative program on paediatric cardiology and congenital heart defects had been initiated in German Heart Centre. This program ensures same specialists examine and treat such patients in the same health centre, despite their age. Below you can find some clinics that work closely with German Heart Centre and introduce its scientific researches’ results into the congenital cardiac defects’ treatment.

Leading German Cardiac Centres

GKH Clinic, Bonn, Germany

Luciano Pizzulli
PD Dr. med.
Luciano Pizzulli,
Head of the Cardiovascular
Center in Bonn

Cardiac surgery in GKH Clinic boasts scientific and practical cooperation with unique cardiovascular center “Rhein-Ahr” and German Heart Centre enabling to multiply its medical capabilities in congenital heart defects’ treatment. The Clinic offers:

This is not the whole range of services. Please call for comprehensive list of diagnostic and therapy services.

Rodenberg-Clinic, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany

Professor Christian Vallbracht, M.D.
Head of the Clinic
Professor Christian
Vallbracht, M.D.
Head of the Clinic

Rodenberg-Clinic is one of the most competent German Clinics; high skilled professionals carry out numerous cardiac surgeries annually, including congenital heart defects’ treatment.

The Clinic was found in 1974 and used to have a profile of cardiovascular center. In 1989 the scope of treatment services had been widened with cardiovascular surgery. Thorax centre was opened in 2014.

This clinic provides top class medical services including but not limited to diagnostic and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, most complicated cardiac surgery, congenital heart defects treatment, and more.

The Director of Rodenberg-Clinic Professor Christian Vallbracht, M.D. has profound 40-years experience in the area of cardiac surgery and cardiology. He offers high quality treatment and careful individual approach. Cardiac surgeries as well as all therapeutic, diagnostic and rehabilitation services are carried out with the best knowledge utilizing innovative German technological and scientific solutions. More than 30 thousand successful cardiac surgeries have been done in the history of the Clinic and gave its patients new life and full recovery.

Apart from German, numerous international patients apply to Rodenberg-Clinic annually. Essential medical areas of expertise are:

The Clinic also focuses on heart diagnosis with up-to-date innovative equipment. In particular, patients have an option to take painless procedure of a heart wall and valves’ analysis by means of 3D ultrasound system.

These are only very few clinics, you can contact for further treatment. We will comprehensively inform you about treatment methods and clinics in Germany.

Heart diagnostics in Rhein-Main RMMC diagnostic and treatment centre

Professor Lutz Lehmann MD
Professor Lutz Lehmann

Medical Rhein-Main centre is the largest diagnostic and treatment institution in the State of Hesse aimed at rendering qualified ambulatory and in-patient medical care.

Wiesbaden institute (centre) of preventive medicine offers diagnostics in all branches of medicine. RMMC centre provides several kinds of complex diagnostics: basic check-up, complex check-up, full check-up.

Detailed diagnostics of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

Culminasceum diagnostic and treatment centre

Dr. B. Regenbogen
Dr. B. Regenbogen

The clinic was founded in 2010 and has been one of the most modern diagnostic centres of Germany for the past 4 years. Culminasceum centre uses interdisciplinary approach to diagnostics of all pathology types. In addition to physical condition evaluation, experienced specialists also consult patients on their diet, evaluate bioenergetic state of the body, conduct complete blood count, cardiac and viscera ultrasound, duplex vessel scan, diagnostics of respiratory function.

Our long-term experience of collaboration with diagnostic centres of Germany and Switzerland helps us to find a cardiology or diagnostic centre which will be the most suitable for you. Feel free to contact us.


Cardiology and cardiovascular diseases treatment are rapidly developed in Germany. Due to our specialization we track the appearance and implementation of the latest treatment methods for cardiovascular diseases.

Type of surgery / procedure Approximate price
Non-invasive treatment of cardiac failure 5 700,00 €
Non-invasive treatment of idiopathic hypertension 3 400,00 €
Non-invasive treatment of arrhythmia 3 700,00 €
Electrophysiological study 6 500,00 €
Coronary arteriography 5 250,00 €
Coronary vessels stenting 14 000,00 €
Common ablation (notably in diseases like atrio-ventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia or auricular flutter) 10 000,00 €
Pacemaker implantation 10 900,00 €
Complex transluminal balloon coronary angioplasty (TBCA) 12 300,00 €
Coronary artery bypass surgery 27 000,00 €
Heart valve replacement 28 000,00 €

Note that these are very approximate price. To give you more accurate information, the German specialist have to look into your specific case.
Currently cardiologists in Germany actively use minimally invasive methods of cardiovascular diseases treatment. They allow performing surgeries with minimal traumatization of the patient.

The level of servicing doesn’t influence on the treatment quality – it always corresponds to the highest German standards!

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