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The goal of laser hemorrhoidoplasty is to shrink the enlarged tissue with heat pulses. It is a procedure that can be used in patients with altered grade three or four hemorrhoids. So then, when the vascular pads have already emerged from the anal canal and no longer withdraw by themselves. Against this background, complaints such as bleeding, itching, weeping and pain also occur.

The surgical intervention is either outpatient or short-term. In the case of laser haemorrhoidoplasty, the surgeon generally proceeds as follows:

  • The patient receives a local anesthetic (anesthesia) or general anesthesia.
  • As soon as he no longer feels pain, the doctor introduces a thin fiber optic probe including laser into the altered hemorrhoids.
  • Afterwards this is irradiated.

The whole procedure is usually completed in about 20 minutes.

In laser haemorrhoidoplasty, the beam serves as an energy source. Through the laser, the vessel cushions are heated from the inside. As a result, the hemorrhoids shrink and reform. At the same time it comes to a decay of the complaints.

Since the laser does not remove any tissue, but only stimulates it to shrink, patients are spared major tissue injuries. After surgery, there is thus no wound healing disorders, which is why no pain in the first bowel movement is to be expected. In contrast to other surgical procedures, there is no risk of the sphincter muscle being affected.

A slight swelling remains after the laser treatment, which decreases after one to two weeks. In some cases, mild bleeding is also possible.

Laser hemorrhoidectomy is not synonymous with laser hemorrhoidoplasty, although both use a laser. The difference: Laser hemorrhoidectomy does not shrink the vascular cushions but removes them from the body.

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Hemorrhoid laser procedure is a new laser procedure for outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids in which hemorrhoidal arterial flow feeding the hemorrhoidal plexus is stopped by means of Doppler-guided laser coagulation. 2020-03-10 Hemorrhoid Laser Procedure
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