Tooth preservation techniques in the dental practice

15.11.2018 02:21:04

Press release from: Private Practice for Dentistry Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Kohorst / PR Agency: Private Practice for Dentistry Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Kohorst

Teeth cleaning, bleaching and veneers in private practice Kohorst

For some years, new insights contribute to the ever better preservation of healthy teeth and innovative techniques gently ensure a radiant smile. The subject of tooth preservation is literally on everyone's lips. In private practice for dentistry by Prof. dr. Philipp Kohorst informs the dental team about various techniques and options for tooth preservation. With offers around gentle procedures, the practice team of the Bremen dentist offers appointments and services around dental hygiene, bleaching procedures and options about veneers.

Different treatment options: teeth cleaning, whitening and veneers

Tooth discoloration can have different causes, as the dentist Prof. Dr. med. Kohorst knows. As a rule, eating habits and lifestyle, as well as hereditary predisposition play a role. The experienced team in the private practice in Bremen offers various possibilities to rid the teeth of unaesthetic discoloration and to prevent periodontal or carious diseases. With a partial or total teeth whitening, the classic bleaching procedure, teeth are lightened gently. In the case of malocclusions, missing teeth or visually disturbing discolorations, so-called veneers, veneers made of translucent ceramics, offer a solution. Fastened with a special adhesive, veneers are suitable for veneering anterior teeth.

In the field of dental hygiene, the Private Dental Practice offers its patients a co-developed oral hygiene program. The experts in dental hygiene also advise to have at least once a year perform a professional teeth cleaning. Prophylaxis is the topic here: a regularly performed tooth cleaning prevents tooth decay and periodontitis.

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