PD MD W. Harringer
Braunschweig Hospital

PD MD W. Harringer

Main Focus

  • Top specialist in cardiac surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Heart valve replacement


Freisestr. 9/10
38118 Hanover
Nearest airport: Hannover (70 km)


  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer
  • PD MD W. Harringer

About PD MD W. Harringer

Since 1990, the clinic of Braunschweig has the department of thoracic surgery aimed at treating diseases of heart and vascular system. The professional team of nurses and doctors do their best to meet every patient’s needs to achieve maximum possible effect.

The department is headed by Dr. Wolfgang Harringer who works with specialists from other spheres (cardiologist, anesthesiologist, etc.) to ensure efficient interdisciplinary approach. Together, they elaborate effective way of treatment for every patient: all programs are individual. We provide stationary treatment not within the clinic’s wall only, but also partner with other nearby hospitals that offer beds.

We hospitalize people in case of emergency and perform urgent surgeries – registration takes up to 15 minutes in this case. The hospital and doctors are available on 24/7 basis. Patients with slowly progressing chronic diseases may be treated on outpatient basis, making visits to doctors and going through analyses. Dates of planned surgeries are agreed with patients beforehand.

Spectrum of Cured Diseases

Generally, the department provides surgical treatment for diseases of thorax, lungs and vessels. The team deals with such diseases as:

  • calcinations of coronary arteries;
  • dysfunction of heart valves;
  • circulatory disturbance in legs and head;
  • cancerous lung diseases;
  • congenital heart disorder;
  • heart hypoperfusion;
  • excrescence on pelvic, carotid or celiac arteries;
  • and many other diseases.

Doctors specialize on surgery of coronary arteries, heart valves, inborn heart disorders in kids and adults, tumors in lungs, varicose veins. The department of thoracic surgery uses the recent medical advances and performs all possible kinds of operations, including shunt procedures, stenting, implantation of heart pump, etc. The centre is equipped with modern surgical technologies and devices, which allows performing even the most complicated operations.

Thoracic department of the clinic of Braunschweig is certified to use innovative methods, and its specialists constantly improve skills attending seminars and courses. This is one of the most reliable centers in Germany that provides treatment for patients of all ages, from all countries. Becoming a patient of this department, you can be sure: medical personnel will care about you and make treatment as simple and stress-free as possible.

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