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Operations on the lungs often result in the removal of parts of the lung tissue. One of the most common causes of lung surgery is the clarification and treatment of unclear structures in the lungs (tumor). These structures can be both good and bad. Surgical treatment of the lungs by surgical procedures is part of thoracic surgery (thorax = thorax). After treatment, a rehabilitation program usually follows as part of a follow-up plan.

The smallest intervention on a lung is the removal of a tissue sample. Your doctor will have the opportunity to initially make a diagnosis. Larger operations are usually associated with the removal of portions of the lung, such as a lung segment, flap, or a complete lung. This profound commitment is necessary to remove the tumor and associated cancer cells in lung cancer.

Pulmonary emphysema (hyperinflation of the lungs), which is accompanied by massive breathing difficulties in the advanced stage, is also a reason for surgery. The disease is often part of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is associated with a narrowing of the airways.

The lung is covered with a lung skin. This is connected to the pleura and allows lung expansion within the rib cage. When the pleura is affected by a tumor, the doctor will prescribe surgical removal. Also a pneumothorax (air accumulation in the rib gap) justifies an intervention.

The surgical operations have their names according to the extent of the tissue to be removed. The type of procedure will be discussed with you in advance.

  • Wedge resection: Removal of a small part (wedge) of the lung, irrespective of the anatomical lung boundaries
  • Segmental resection: removal of a segment (part) of the lung
  • Lobectomy: removal of a lung lobe
  • Cuff resection: after removal of a lung piece, the lung is reconnected to remove as little as possible from the healthy lung
  • Pneumectomy: removal of a complete lung
  • Lung Transplantation: Implantation of a new organ from a donor (treatment of choice in case of complete lung function loss)
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Surgery to remove all or part of a lung may be done by making a cut on one side of your chest (thorax) during a procedure called a thoracotomy. 2020-03-10 Lung Surgery
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