Lung Cancer

Bronchogenic carcinoma or lung cancer is the leader among malignant diseases in the world according to WHO (about 13% of all cancer patients have this diagnosis). This type of cancer is one of the most dangerous. Even 10-15 years ago it was accepted as a death-warrant. Currently lung cancer is successfully cured in German oncologic centers. Innovations in oncology applied by German specialists allow saving thousands of lives for patients from all over the world. Lung cancer treatment in Germany is a guarantee of adequate and successful medical assistance that usually is impossible to receive in other regions.

Lung carcinoma is developed rapidly from bronchial epithelial cells. Due to the spontaneous and aggressive character the lung cancer is usually diagnosed on late stages. That is why lung cancer treatment is a highly complicated process.

The major reason of cancer development in lungs is carcinogens. They are able to modify the cumulative parameters of DNA in the bronchial epithelial layer. The risk of carcinoma development is proportional to the growth of these cells damage. The major reasons of lung cancer development are:

  • Smoking. More than 85% patients with bronchial carcinoma are heavy or passive smokers;
  • Labor activity in pathologically harmful environment, including radon and asbestos;
  • Unfavorable environmental factors;
  • Weak immunity;
  • Viruses;
  • Dust particles.

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Bronchogenic carcinoma or lung cancer is the leader among malignant diseases in the world according to WHO (about 13% of all cancer patients have this diagnosis). 2021-11-18 Lung Cancer
More About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer symptoms

Primary display of lung cancer may be similar to any other lung diseases. It can include:

  • Severe, attack-like dry cough;
  • The output of purulent sputum with blood streaks;
  • Short wind without reason;
  • Chest pain;
  • General uneasiness;
  • Periodical temperature rises;
  • Exhaustion.

Lung cancer diagnostics

Healthcare in Germany is seriously invested. That is why diagnostics and medicine in this country are considered as the best in Europe and in the world. The newest progressive technologies are applied in German medical centers. Innovational nuclear medicine allows gaining impressive results in diagnostics and prescribing adequate treatment. Such procedures include:

  • Computer tomography;
  • Contrast magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Isotope positron emission tomography.

Also the doctors apply:

  • Laboratory tests including analysis, oncomarkers, cytological and histological analyses like biopsy;
  • Ultrasonic scan and scintigraphy;
  • PCR

Lung cancer treatment

Lung cancer treatment contains a wide range of procedures and manipulations, as the therapy of any other oncologic diseases.

Lung cancer treatment. Surgery.

Operative treatment is used only for a quarter of patients with such diagnosis. Often it is impossible to perform a surgery due to the tumor size or its location. There are three major type of surgeries applied in lung cancer:

  • Resection – the amputation of lung section damaged by a tumor;
  • Lobectomy – resection of a small lung fragment with cancer;
  • Pneumonectomy – total lung removal;

Lung cancer treatment. Beam therapy. Brachytherapy

A patient undergoes a point-source exposure for tumor liquidation. Modern methods of radiation treatment provide targeted effect on the cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissues and organs.

The current type of therapy can be prescribed before the surgery to reduce the tumor size. Applying beam therapy after surgery helps to fight cancer cells that were left on the surgical field.

Lung cancer treatment. Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is an ultramodern approach in lung cancer treatment developed by German specialists. It is based on the damaging thermal effect applied on the tumor cells with the help of electric energy passed through a special needle.

Lung cancer treatment. Chemotherapy

This type of lung cancer therapy implies killing cancerous cells in the entire body. Chemotherapeutic medications can be taken in pills, capsules, intravenous injections or drop bottles.

Lung cancer treatment. Photodynamic therapy

This newest technique is based on laser effect on cancer cells processed by a specific agent. This agent is injected into the blood circulatory system and marks cancerous cells. Laser beam destroys the marked cells. Usually photodynamic therapy shows good results in small tissues.

Lung cancer treatment. Cryosurgery

The tumor is damaged by a low temperature effect of the liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is injected by a cryoprobe during bronchoscopy.

Lung cancer treatment. Diathermy

This method uses electric current for damaging cancerous cells. The effect is similar to radiofrequency ablation.

Lung cancer treatment. Radiosurgery. "Cyber Knife" system

Nowadays this technique is the most sparing and efficient. Highly accurate, powerful radiation allows killing only cancerous cells with no effect on healthy ones.

Lung cancer treatment in Germany provides high chances for full recovery!

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