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Psoriasis is a hereditary - not contagious - chronic skin and joint disease. Their occurrence or breakout can be triggered by various factors. Nobody can get infected with psoriasis, but anyone with the genetic predisposition can get it.

People with psoriasis suffer significantly from stigmatization and discrimination because of visible skin marks. Self-isolation and withdrawal from fear and shame before rejection are a frequent consequence. Many sufferers suffer from depression or other mental illness due to their psoriasis. In Germany, between two and three million people suffer from psoriasis.

Since the predisposition to psoriasis is in the genes, the disease is not curable, but it is easy to treat. A whole range of modern treatment methods are available, depending on the type and severity of psoriasis.

In principle, anyone who has the predisposition can develop psoriasis at any age. However, an onset of psoriasis is rare in early childhood and in the elderly.

The medicine differentiates different forms of psoriasis. For example:

  • Psoriasis geographica. Large-scale connected psoriasis herds whose outlines often resemble those on a map
  • Psoriasis palmaris et plantaris. Psoriasis on the insides of the hands (palm) and on the soles of the feet
  • Psoriasis punctata. Psoriasis foci approximately the size of matchheads and usually distributed around the trunk of the body
  • Psoriasis pustulosa. Psoriasis with purulent pustules
  • Psoriasis vulgaris. Large scale psoriasis with distinct silvery dandruff and narrow red rim

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Psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris) is an inflammatory, non-contagious skin disease. It runs in batches. 2019-11-21 Psoriasis Treatment
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