PD MD I. Okamoto
Private Center for Dermatology

PD MD I. Okamoto

Main Focus

  • Skin cancer treatment
  • Melanoma Diagnosis
  • Eczema treatment
  • Skin rashes / allergic reactions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases


Skodagasse 32
01080 Vienna
Nearest airport: Vienna

About PD MD I. Okamoto

Professor Okamoto is an experienced specialist in the field of dermatology, allergology and venereology. Prof. Okamoto provides his patients with the top level dermatological services in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Dr. Okamoto takes a comprehensive, individual approach to each patient’s skin care evaluation. During a skin consultation, he focuses on your individual skin type and condition, as well as your lifestyle and goals to help determine the most appropriate treatment method to eliminate the skin problem.

The scope of services, offered at the clinic, includes treatment of benign and malignant skin problems, allergies, eczemas and rashes. Treatment and prevention of skin cancer, especially melanoma, is a special field of interest of Professor Okamoto. The digital dermoscopy, applied at the clinic, allows to identify malignant and benign changes in the early stages.

Since 2000, Professor teaches at the Medical University of Vienna. His scientific contribution was awarded with the prize "Scientific Achievement Award" of the International community dermatologists.

The treatments, offered at the private skin center of Prof. Okamoto

The treatments involve all kinds of modern medication, surgeries and application of phototherapy methods. Photodynamic therapy for early stage skin cancer is a safe, skin-friendly and highly effective treatment available at our clinic. Particularly the following medical services are offered at the clinic:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma
  • Treatment of eczema
  • Treatment of skin rashes / allergies
  • Diagnosis and treatment of venereal pathologies

Particular attention is paid to the treatment of skin diseases caused by bacterial or viral infections:

  • skin lesions
  • chronic inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Dr. Okamoto helps patients manage such conditions as photo-responsive diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, pityriasis lichenoides chronicus, lichen planus, granuloma annulare, morphea and pruritus.

Make an appointment with Professor Okamoto and get rid of your skin or hair problem in the nearest future.

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