Breast reduction for men

07.11.2018 14:38:58

Breast reduction in Germany is the most common plastic surgery in men, reports the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Germany. "In Austria, too, this intervention, about which of course no man speaks, very common. The main reason for this is the current slimfit fashion. Everything is tight and body-cut, there is an enlarged male breast, which was previously not noticed, of course, on" says Matthias Koller, a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery from Puchenau.

Many men affected

Reason for the "men's bosom" is either overweight or the so-called "gynecomastia". This is the presence of mammary tissue in men. "This affects almost every second man - but of course in different forms," says Koller, who has his practice in Schloss Puchenau. In most cases, there is a mixed form in male breast enlargement, which means that it is mammary tissue and increased fat tissue.

"Nowadays, this combination often becomes a problem because the current fashion is skin-tight and the level of fitness is high, and men of all ages, but especially between the ages of 20 and 35, are extremely body conscious," says Koller. "Through gynecomastia, male breasts look more feminine, which can lead to problems, as those affected report that they were teased at school and did not dare to go to the outdoor pool," says Koller.

"Even strong training and weight loss would not bring the desired effect, as this only the fat, but not the glandular tissue disappears," explains the physician.

Intervention lasts one hour

Gynecomastia is diagnosed by means of ultrasound and hormone examinations. "That's when I see if it's just fat or true mammary tissue." The removal of the mammary gland tissue in gynecomastia is paid in Austria by the health insurance companies. "Because men with this tissue, although much less likely than women, can develop breast cancer," says Koller.

If fat is also removed, the patient has to pay the costs for the liposuction itself. The procedure is usually performed on a daily basis and takes about one hour. Thereafter, the patient must wear an almost invisible "compression shirt" under the T-shirt for six weeks. Then sports can be run again.

"Most patients undergoing this procedure are between 25 and 30 years old," says Koller. "If you train the pectoral muscles well after the operation, they are usually very, very satisfied with the result and get their self-confidence back."

Gynecomastia is a mostly benign enlargement of the mammary glands in men. This proliferation can occur on one or both sides, with or without pain. It occurs most often immediately after birth, during puberty and in old age.

Popular beauty interventions in men: After breast reduction come liposuction on the abdomen and hip, eyelid tightening and autologous plasma treatment in case of hair loss.

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